10 Rules for Resilience That Promote a Growth Mindset

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Even the most resilient among us can get stuck sometimes in a terrible twist of folly. These 10 rules for resilience help promote a growth mindset so you don’t get caught up in the past or fixated on a certain future.

What are 10 Rules for Resilience?

Resilience is a buzzword these days. How to build resilience mental toughness for families, how to create more resilience in the youth and in children, how to fail fast and get up and try over again in the face of failure. These are all questions that deserve solid answers.

Carol Dweck delved into this deeply personal topic and explored the way we teach our children, how we ourselves learned how to learn and why it can be so difficult to achieve success.

Carol Dweck’s Mindset

Learning about true resilience from the bestselling author Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, as it was recommended in another book I was reading at the time. What set her book apart in my mind were the relevant examples that we all encounter at some point in our lives, the way she herself overcame a fixed mindset even as a starling pupil, and her practical insights for how to create a more growth oriented mindset even if you already have a dominant fixed mindset.

In it she recounts 10 rules for resilience mental toughness found in a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset.

10 Principles for Success

Rule #1: Believe that intelligence can be developed instead of remaining static.

Rule #2: A growth mindset leads to a desire to learn instead of just looking smart.

Rule #3: A growth mindset embraces challenges instead of avoiding them.

Rule #4: A growth mindset encourages you to persist in the face of setbacks instead of giving up easily or getting defensive.

Rule #5: A growth mindset helps you see effort as a pathway to mastery as opposed to fruitless waste.

Rule #6: A growth mindset help you learn from criticism instead of ignoring useful negative feedback.

Rule #7: A growth mindset helps you find lessons and inspirations in the success of others instead of feeling threatened by their success.

Rule #8: A growth mindset helps you ask “what are the opportunities for learning and growth today?”

Rule #9: A growth mindset helps you think of opportunities, form a plan, and ask “when, where and how will I embark on my plan?”

Rule #10: A growth mindset helps you identify a new plan in the face of setbacks and obstacles and find out what you need to succeed.

Once you get used to these principles, imagine what your life could be like?

If you want to explore this principle further, check out my post about Future Self Journaling – 15 Practical Techniques to Catapult Your Results. Let me know what you think about the growth mindset!


I hope these resilience principles for leading your family, yourself and your world help you bounce back from adversity but also help you remember that life is full of lessons and learning as well as success and achievement.

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