18+ Best Cheap Self Care Gifts for People with Periods

cheap self care gifts

If you are having a period, you might appreciate a little bit of good old self care. This post will share some practical and easy ways to make that time of the month a little easier and more inspiring on the cheap. Plus, learn about what research shows about the crucial importance of self care and the benefits for mankind.

cheap self care gifts

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What are the Best Affordable Self Care Gifts?

Gifts that awaken the intellect, emotions and senses can be incredibly healing at various points in you lives. A good book can impart the same feeling as an amazing vacation and you can feel like a new person after a long soak in the tub. The trick is to pay attention to your needs, especially if you are used to pushing through things or continually endure in suffering. I discuss some of the amazing psychological benefits of self care later on in this post. But for now, the list:

Books and Education

These are some absolutely amazing and noteworthy books that I had recommended me. I was not disappointed! Need to curl up and read for a bit? Check out these.

cheap self care gifts
  • Cured by Jeffrey Rediger, M.D.
cheap self care gifts

The Reed of God by Caryll Houselander

cheap self care gifts

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron, PhD

cheap self care gifts

Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon Morrell

Care Ideas for Cramps

cheap self care gifts
cheap self care gifts
cheap self care gifts
cheap self care gifts

Care Ideas for During Your Period

Essential Oil Roll-On in 3 scents

Organic Bath and Body Kit by Nurture by Nature Botanicals

Cheap Self-Care Gifts for All Month

Here are some more ideas for taking care of your body all month long:

cheap self care gifts
cheap self care gifts
cheap self care gifts
cheap self care gifts

Lavender Spa Package

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Natural Clay Masks

Why is Self Care Important?

There are common misconceptions about self care, and you may even carry these messages in your brain and body overall.

Is Self Care Selfish?

Is self care just over indulgence in oneself? Is it a sign of a selfish or self-centered person? If you received that message ever in your life, you may have been taught to ignore your needs as the expense of someone else’s. If the person giving you these messages is receiving some kind of benefit from you (i.e. you are their moral support, listener, helper, errand person, etc.) then you may need to re-evaluate the messages you are receiving. If they benefit from you feeling bad about yourself or tentative about taking care of your own needs, are they really being helpful and a friend or are they perhaps the selfish one?

Is someone taunting you because you are taking care of yourself? Well, for one, that person is not really being very kind to you. And second, is their attitude helping your or hurting you?

No, you do not need expensive or material products to help you life your best life, and you may want to watch out for extremes, but self care rituals can be SO helpful especially when you have chronic illness and pain.

The Importance of Self Care

“Engaging in self-care is a process involving being aware of self, acquiring knowledge and taking responsibility for meeting needs at whatever level they are presented.” The researchers who conducted this analysis found that self care needs can change over time and can be positively and negatively influenced by the people in our lives. They also found that self care practices were likely to be abandoned when overwhelmed by a disability or felt they were not supported. Those who ignored outside influencers were better able to focus on meaningful activities over time that included these self-care behaviors.

It would be a good idea to pay attention to those who discredit your desires to take care of yourself and to focus on your needs and however they present.

Put on your own oxygen mask first

Another research study in self care found out what many of you already know in your hearts: that by taking care of your self first you are better able to then help others in need.

Perhaps you need a quiet night in with a good book and some nice smelling essential oils, but can’t seem to find a quiet place to land without interruption. What do you do? What gives you the spirit of calm? What provokes a spirit of annoyance and exhaustion?

Benefits of Self Care

From the study mentioned above, here are some benefits of practicing self care:

  • More relaxed nervous system
  • Kinder self talk and less stress response
  • Positive self-talk
  • The ability to encourage others’ positive self talk
  • The ability to act with kindness and compassion because you know how to be kind and compassionate to ourselves
  • The ability to rely on ourselves to take care of our needs
  • Better psychological resiliency and coping skills especially in times of stress
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Greater empathy
  • Greater ability to have boundaries around our emotions and awareness of these emotions
  • Ignoring our pain and distress can actually lower our immunity
  • Ignoring our needs makes us less able to connect authentically with others
  • Acting with self compassion can be very motivating

Self care is not optional

“Engaging in self-care is a process involving being aware of self, acquiring knowledge and taking responsibility for meeting needs at whatever level they are presented.”


Self care really comes down to responsibility, for oneself as a foundation to caring for others. Recognize that your needs and inspiration may be completely different from your family members’ needs, friends’ needs or peers’ needs. Remember that by taking care of yourself you will be more able to be compassionate and kind to others (really good stuff in life). You will know deep down that you are able to rely on yourself to take care of your needs and you will be better able to recognize those who take advantage and don’t leave you in a better state after being in their presence.

If you are not used to indulging in time and activities that are nurturing, I want to you to consider if a little self care is what you need at this juncture. Learn to enjoy simple pleasures and give God praise for beautiful experiences in life.


These are just a few ideas to help support you during your menstrual cycle and all month. What are your favorite self care gifts?

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