25 Journal Prompts for Self Love and Confidence Building

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From time to time, it can be helpful to fertilize the soil of our soul with truth, rest and nourishment. While it’s wonderful to hear positive words of affirmations from those we esteem, we can often be our own worst critic. So, how do we affirm ourselves in a way that actually feels authentic and that our contrarian nature actually embraces? One technique is via journaling.

These 25 journal prompts for self love and confidence will help you recommit to treating yourself like a true friend. The thing about journal prompts is that while it may feel easy to put writing off until a crises emerges in our lives, the practice is always there as a way to delve deeper into your motivations, roadblocks, challenges and victories. Plus, You’ll find the research into expressive writing inspirational!

journal prompts for self love

Even though it’s easy to talk the talk (i.e. I am telling you to journal) it’s harder to walk the walk (i.e. I myself get bored journaling). Yes, I get bored journaling and often wait until I’m facing a scenario that is uncomfortable before I start journaling. I guess sometimes it’s easier to work with something that feels uncomfortable or urgent than some of the more mundane things of life.

But hopefully by the end of this, you’ll find journaling more appealing to do on a regular basis. Each day can be a treasure trove of ideas, thoughts and inspirations. Let’s talk more about journal prompts for self love.

Why Journal Prompts for Self Love?

One of the reasons I find journal prompts helpful is because it can help direct my thoughts to topics I may not naturally gravitate towards on my own. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of listing things in a journal or writing down the day’s events. Sure, those can be helpful to purge yourself mentally from a fiercely growing to do list or to better face all that you are currently dealing with, but they may not be covering your feelings. It may also not help you address those deeper feelings.

A study published in 2017 in Acta Biomedica found that simple writing on deeper thoughts and feelings helped ones physical and psychological well being. In fact, this expressive writing was found to help with solution formation, cognitive ability enhancement and facilitate more productive social interactions.

This study took place in one month, and found benefits to expressive writing in that short amount of time.

In another study published in 2020 in the Archives of Psychiatric Nursing found that a sample group experiencing prolonged stress found statistically significant increases in optimism and gratitude after consistently writing expressively for 6 weeks. Positive writing promoted well-being and acted as an effective coping mechanism.

journal prompts for self love

When we tap into our feelings we allow for processing of emotions and just this alone can help promote the critical thinking and resilience to uncover new ways to cope.

That’s why these 25 journal prompts for self-love and confidence building are aimed at helping you uncover positive truths about yourself – it’s the truth and it’s also been found to be a positive coping skill for whatever life may throw at you!

Signs You Need to Start Journaling

Below, I’m going to list out the indications I try to use as a litmus test for getting back into a journaling practice:

  • You don’t own a journal
  • You have a hard time naming your feelings
  • You have a hard time feeling your feelings
  • You are currently overwhelmed with life or a certain situation in your life
  • You recently went through some hard times
  • You went through some hard times a while back and it still comes to mind fairly often
  • You find that the littlest things seems to bother you
  • You feel irritable or depressed
  • You feel fear and anxiety
  • You often wonder why you can’t have good things in life
  • You feel your feelings all too well but you feel frozen or stuck
  • Your support group has changed and you have less support than you used to

In my humble opinion, it’s easier to read through this list and convince myself to journal or use journal prompts for self love than it is to come to the conclusion out of the blue.


Because a lot of times it’s easier to just white knuckle through life than it is to address our feelings but on the flip side, life becomes much more manageable when we are dealing with our feelings as they arise and making life changing decisions as we feel the need.

In the spiritual realm, this corresponds with living in the present moment and walking with Jesus in each moment. It may entail listening to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and knowing what to do through the listening and/or journaling.

journal prompts for self love

What Not to Do

Are you debating whether to try out journal prompts for self love? If you’re anything like me you simple run out of time in your day to get to journaling. It’s so easy to wake up to a long to do list or work, work and more work and feel like journaling is a luxury you simply don’t have time for. You may deceive yourself, innocently enough, that you have everything under control and no need to write out the inner workings of the complex emotional human being that is you.

I get it.

But stop right there. I see you.

The more I learn about myself, the more I realize how much all of us have in common. We all have a chronic condition called being human and those include our struggles, shortcomings and stuck areas. It’s better to realize your weaknesses and how powerless we can be to them than to hide behind a wall of perfection and denial.

I like to ask God to reveal to me what isn’t working that I can’t see isn’t working (because sometimes I’m blind). I actually don’t always like to ask Him that, because He usually reveals something I’ve been avoiding or that feels too hard to address on my own.

So, my advice; don’t hide, have the courage to face things, and realize you are never completely on your own to address what needs to be addressed.

How does this fit in with journal prompts for self love? Usually the areas that need the most love are those areas we’ve been avoiding and hiding from.

25 Self-Love Journal Prompts for Adults

So, what are 25 journal prompts for self love and confidence building?

1). List 5 things that make you truly smile

2) Describe your perfect day and what feelings you will feel. Then, plan this day in the next month and put it on your calendar.

3) Describe your best quality and why you are glad you have it.

4) Describe a hard experience you feel blessed to have overcome.

5) Describe 3 things you are grateful for today.

6) What feelings are you experiencing today?

7) Write out a hard situation you are dealing with and the feelings evoked. Then, describe one positive feeling you miss feeling write about how you can feel that again.

8) What is the most powerful feeling you felt recently? What was the least powerful feeling you felt recently? Which do you think directed your behavior more?

9) When you sit in silence, what feelings come up?

10) Finish the sentence…the last time I felt understood, I:

11) The love language that speaks to me most and fills me up with love is [x]. Does this change anything for you?

12) Write about any doors that seem to be opening to you right now. What would make you walk through that door? Which door is the most inspiring?

13) What currently inspires you?

14) How does your ideal best friend see you?

15) How does your ideal mother nurture you?

16) How does your ideal father spoil you with love?

17) If you are in a hard situation, how can you tell that God is still providing for you?

18) What does remain faithful mean to you? How do you remain faithful to yourself?

19) What gets you going each day? Do you feel gratefulness each day?

20) What’s one attribute you enjoy about yourself but that isn’t widely known. What’s one way to enhance it?

21) Write about an area of your life you haven’t thought much about lately. Is it working for you?

22) Pick out your favorite Bible Psalm. Write it down. Now, imagine Jesus actually saying it to you, just for you.

23) Where am I letting myself play small? Who can help inspire me to play big?

24) What do I struggle to love most about myself?

25) Write about an uncomfortable situation you experienced. Write about how you are lovable amidst this situation.


I hope these journal prompts for self love help inspire you to live a life of authentic truth, that you are lovable, loved and loving. 🙂 For further positive self practices check out these posts:

journal prompts for self love
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