40 Motivational Wednesday Affirmations To Keep Going Strong

Wednesday affirmations

Positive wednesday affirmations to help you stay cool as a cucumber by mid-week instead of brain fried. Let’s also look at some brain hacks that will help you remain inspired to handle stress in the best way for your physiological health instead of feeling crushed by it.

Wednesday affirmations

The Science Behind Wednesday Positive Affirmations

Are you someone who experiences high levels of occupational stress? You aren’t alone. People who experience on-the-job stress, whether that’s in an office, working with a remote team, or working solo have a higher liklihood of experiencing hypertension.

The good news is that many research studies (this one being from 2006) have found that cognitive behavioral methods provide one of the strongest antidotes to stress. Another landmark study on monkeys from 1969 found that environmental stimuli can induce or reduce elevations of arterial blood pressure depending upon the stimulus/response/reward mechanism created for the monkeys. For example, when the monkeys were rewarded for getting hypertensive and stressed after a stimuli, their hypertension increased. When they were rewarded for staying calm after a stimuli, their blood pressure and hypertension went back to normal levels.

What this means is that what you think and how you decide to respond to environmental stimuli can either create biological stress markers to increase OR decrease. How are you rewarding yourself for staying calm and being grateful? Or, are you rewarding yourself for getting stressed and out of control? The answer may have to do with how you respond to stresful outside stimuli (I.e. a stressful job, a mid-week slump, or an endo flare-up).

So, if you are experiencing some mid-week stress, then learning how to train your brain to anticipate situations, stay focused and respond to them ahead of time can help you maintain not only your composure but also help regulate your nervous system response (important for creating a healing enviroment in the body) and cardiovascular system (the leading cause of mortality currently).

Now that you have some tangible reasons why to speak to yourself like your best friend, read on for some tangile ideas to get you started!

wellness Wednesday affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Wednesday

Wednesday affirmations can be helpful anytime, but especially during the mid-week slump. Here are 40 affirmations including some in question form that will help you get your mind wrapped around inspiration, possibility and creation when all you may currently feel is defeated, abandoned, or low energy.

These can be very helpful when used wednesday work affirmations or anytime wednesday affirmations such as wednesday morning affirmations.

Remember, affirmations that help you stress less, and be more free can be wonderful for building confidence and a positive attitude. While not a get happy quick scheme, try it on and see how it feels to be open to the good, true and beautiful in your life.

Wednesday Affirmations for Work

  1. Today I will dig deep and get through.
  2. I will focus on being the best team member I can be.
  3. I will do one good deed today.
  4. Today, I will live as if I am unwrapping a gift.
  5. I welcome each moment as a gift.
  6. I welcome each moment as a way to learn and grow.
  7. I welcome each moment as practice to make perfect.
  8. Today, I trust that I will meet who I need to meet.
  9. Today, I trust that I am a beloved child of God.
  10. Just for today I will set my sights on what is ideal.

Wednesday Productivity Affirmations

  1. I will put in my best effort in this project.
  2. I will be kind and gracious despite the situation.
  3. I will live by my most inportant values in this situation.
  4. I will work as if the angels were watching.
  5. My guardian angel will help me if I ask.
  6. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished without faith and hard work.
  7. Today I will accomplish more than I think I can.
  8. Somehow, I will see creative ways to reach my goals in this day.
  9. Focus, devotion, choice (add your values that will motivate you during the day).
  10. Small steps overcome large chasms.

Wellness Wednesday Affirmations

  1. I am fully supported to handle whatever comes my way.
  2. Grace by my guide today.
  3. I speak truth to my heart.
  4. I will advocate for myself and live in my values today.
  5. I will make something beautiful today.
  6. I will leave space to experience wonder and awe today.
  7. I will leave space to experience peace and calm today.
  8. I will go with the flow today.
  9. Enjoyment through private successes.
  10. Today I celebrate getting up and getting going.

Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. What is this feeling trying to tell me?
  2. How can I help turn this negative feeling into something that feels better?
  3. How can I end this work week strong?
  4. What will I prioritize and what will I step away from?
  5. What can I create today that will help myself and others?
  6. What will help me recalibrate today?
  7. What will help me find joy?
  8. What special moments unveil themselves today?
  9. How can I savor more fully what went well today?
  10. What successful memory will I hold in my heart today?

How to Develop Confidence in 30 Days Using Positive Affirmations

Are you using your thoughts to your greatest advantage? Maybe you don’t have confidence that your situation can change, and maybe you’re even just living in burnout everyday lacking the energy or motivation to do anything about it. If so, I’m speaking to you!

This is one practice that if you aren’t doing, you won’t ever the see the results in your life. It it’s just about the words you say, it’s about the focus and energy you put into gathering your thoughts and feeling out what your greatest need it.

This practice helps your brain gather itself, focus and let go. It can be extrememly calming to your nervous system. Creativity and problem solving don’t usually come to the anxious mind, it comes to the mind that has the time and space to wander, play and feel out the timing.

Give this to yourself, this gift of your own attention, focus and loving kindness.

It’s not easy. Trust me, when you have that mountain of unbelief sitting on your chest, this may feel unproductive or fake. Stick to what is true, good and beautiful and give it some time.

It might be time to start a challenge to get into the habit of pepping yourself up using wednesday affirmations. You could start a 5-day, month-long or yearly goals challenge surrounding your need for encouragement and motivation mid-week. Maybe it’s time for you to make a bigger life shift but you aren’t ready yet. Start with a single thought for one week and see where that takes you.

Need some help starting a challenge? Well, I have some guides for you below.

Try a Challenge

Wednesday affirmations

The Secret to Long Term Success

Takeaway: Some of the most successful people have the same struggles as you, hard days, traumas holding them back, and the list goes on. But when you look at someone you see as a success, what qualities do they have and what are their daily habits?

My guess is that they have daily incremental habits that focus on their personal development. They may not be aware even of these habits, but to a trained eye they tend to set them apart from less succesful people.

Part of reaching success implies a journey, and a journey implies a step-by-step process where one learns to deal with whatever comes their way and kept going. While overnight success does happen it might be hard to keep if you don’t have the habits in place to handle that succcess.

Success builds upon habits. Start practicing your daily rituals and let me know how it goes!

wednesday affirmations
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