5 Amazing Benefits of Massage for Endometriosis Plus How To

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Research and evidence based practices prove that massage for endometriosis can provide amazing benefits that encourage healing. Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain can go hand in hand but certain techniques such as self-massage or going to a massage therapist can begin to bring relief to managing your endometriosis symptoms.

Massage therapy for endometriosis can provide an alternative source to pain killers and pharmaceuticals that often bring unpleasant side effects. Massage for endometriosis in general can help you reach another state of relaxation and calm.

What are the Benefits of Massage for Endometriosis?

Well, I would say the benefits are a no-brainer. If you are experiencing menstrual discomfort and dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis, general massage or pelvic massage will help it improve.

Benefit #1: Pelvic pain and muscle spasms are lessened via massage for endometriosis.

In one study, patients who were found to have endometriosis via laparoscopy and who also received massage as treatment felt statistically significant pain relief of their cramps. In fact, in study after study, massage for endometriosis results in pain relief for symptoms.

Benefit #2: Massage for endometriosis reduces psychological stress.

Abdominal lymphatic drainage massage for endometriosis induces alpha brain waves indicating relaxation. Stress may creep up in women who experience regular pelvic pain and massage for endometriosis can help reduce psychological stress. In a study where women received abdominal lymphatic drainage massage their stress lowered afterwards as measured by their brain wave activity.

Benefit #3: Massage for endometriosis reduces anxiety and increases brain activity for alertness.

In fact when a group of adults were given massage, not only did their alertness improve, their ability to solve math computations improved. There seems to be a connection between various brain states that are optimal for higher level thinking, but states of pain and anxiety obviously aren’t it.

Benefit #4: Massage for endometriosis will improve your digestion and transit time.

In a study published in 2016 by the Journal of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, a group of women receiving abdominal massage post-surgery reported a statistically significant improvement in digestion, number of eliminations and reported improved quality of life compared to the control group.

Women with endometriosis may experience sluggish digestion for a variety of reason, which I cover elsewhere on this website. Suffice to say, you may want to try massage for endometriosis soon. 🙂

Benefit #5: Massage for endometriosis helps improve your changes for conceiving.

Massage therapy for period pain has been found to have helpful effects on fertility for up to a year afterwards. Fertility improved with 10-20 hours of massage to the lower back and pelvic area.

I talk more about abdominal massage in my post about castor oil. Abdominal massage helps to bring blood flow to the pelvic area; an area that typically receives relatively little blood flow. Blood flow is crucial for egg release during the ovulatory phase and when the sperm and egg meet during the luteal phase. This form of massage can also help drain excess fluid from the abdominal cavity which can become stagnant and hinder your immune system. Further, abdominal massage helps with ensuring your lower abdominal organs are in the correct position (i.e. the uterus, tubes and ovaries) and can gently reposition them.

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How Do I Use Self-Care Massage for Menstrual Pain and Cramps?

If you’re ready for selfcare massage for menstrual pain, you’re at the right place. As you’ve read here at A Pain in the Endo, massage for endometriosis can greatly improve your quality of life.

Note: I am not a massage therapist and please consult with your physician before performing massage. There are a few contraindications you should be aware of including your susceptibility to blood clots, if you have cancer, are currently on your period, or other concerns. Generally it’s known not to perform massage during your actual period. And, don’t perform abdominal massage if you think you may be pregnant. These are general guidelines that have worked for me.

Tips for General Massage

Here are some general how-to tips for performing massage in general assuming this is a self-massage:

  • Use a carrier oil scented with essential oils. As I’ve outlined in numerous posts essential oils can aid the body and mind in all sorts of ways, including during massage for endometriosis. Carrier oils I recommend include almond oil and jojoba oil because they are not stick and absorb well on the skin. Others are fine including castor oil, olive oil and neem oil, but they are a bit stickier.
  • Have a hot water bottle filled up and ready to go. This can be placed on your abdomen to loosen up the tissue and organs.
  • I’d recommend consulting with an acupuncturist before doing abdominal massage. And general practice is not to perform abdominal massage after ovulation if you think you may be pregnant or during your period except in some cases.
  • Take a few nice deep inhalations and exhalations prior as this will help your muscles relax.
  • Don’t have a massage done or do a self-care massage right after eating. It’s best to wait several hours from your last meal or first thing in the morning.

Formula for Abdominal Massage

  • Ease your stomach: Is your stomach in a knot? Lay on your back. Place your fingertips on top of the top of your stomach under your ribcage. Inhale. Exhale and gently run your fingertips over your stomach muscle towards your navel. Does it feel tight? Try this 2-3 more times and feel your stomach muscle relax.
  • Support your digestive track: Next, place your fingertips on your navel. Inhale in and exhale moving in a circle going clockwise (supports the direction of your digestive track) towards the liver, then down to the right lower hip bone, across your pelvic bone towards the left hip bone and back around towards your navel again. Go in this path three times.


Massage for endometriosis can feel like a miracle once you’ve discovered it’s benefits. I hope you begin to enjoy the healing this modality can bring to your life and feel the soothing relaxation that accompanies it. You might feel like a new person!

Have you included in massage for wellness in your life? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments!

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