5 Frugal Off Grid Tips for People with Chronic Illness

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Is it possible for those with chronic illness to enjoy being frugal off grid? If being frugal off grid sounds like a lot of “doing without” it doesn’t have to be with the right mindset. Imagine planning a camping trip out in the woods for a long weekend and having to deal with a jumpy immune system. Well, depending upon your issues, a camping trip out in the woods might be just the ticket your body needs for rebalancing itself.

This may surprise you, but there are so many back-to-the-basic tools that are actually helpful for your body’s issues because they are so simple and toxin free. Once you finish this post, you may even consider more frequent off grid experiences as an important aspect of your normal holistic routine.

Why Should Those with Chronic Illness Go Off Grid?

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If you’re dealing with chronic illness then you probably dream of a vacation as much as anybody. When you have dealt with fatigue, pain management and other issues over time, it can really wear you down. Going on an off grid adventure might sound like fun but also like a bit of work, right? It’s not as easy as booking an all inclusive resort, so why do it?

Well, for one, it can be a frugal off grid adventure so you won’t incur too much added expense. Second, it is probably going to be amazing for your health.


Going out into the woods, away from all of the air pollution, toxins, electromagnetic frequencies and work stress can revive your system.

In a Japanese study in people going out into the woods, something they ended up calling Green Bathing the participants experienced a tranquilizing effects on their minds and spirits. The effect was so calming that the county began urging its citizens to partake in activities out in nature.

Green bathing helps improve the immune system and blood pressure. In the studies, these effects were seen in both the spring and winter times. These effects would last for about 30 days after the trip even.

Spending time out in nature such as frugal off grid camping also brings about positive mental health benefits. These include reductions in anxiety, depression, and stress and reduced attention deficit type behaviors in children. These restorative properties of nature are vital to your well-being.

Plus, going off grid usually has a simplicity about it. You don’t need every possession you own to enjoy some time away from “life.” You just need the basics to get by for a time being. It’s amazing to see how simply one can live.

What are 5 Frugal Off Grid Tips for People with Chronic Illness?

When you’re going off grid such as during a camping weekend, it doesn’t need to be full of glamourous glamping expenses. If you want to be frugal about it, you can still really have an excellent time with having a few key preparations.

Yes, the glamping experience looks beautiful and you can spend a lot of money and still have the experience of being at home. But if you want to get out and enjoy some natural beauty, planning a frugal off grid camping trip is very easy. Over time, once you have these affordable supplies you will be able to throw them in the and get out and enjoy nature at the spur of the moment. 🙂

There are a few important categories to be aware of for proper equipment though. You will need to accommodate for water, food preparations, a light source, a way to clean up and a few other odds and ends specifically for those with chronic illness.

These products are affordable and will ensure your off grid experience is off to the right start. And are these products actually good for your health, too?

Frugal Off Grid Tip #1: Water Basics (LifeStraw)

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When you’re going on a frugal off grid camping trip, you’ll want to make sure you have access to an adequate supply of water. Staying hydrated is pretty important and you need adequate water daily for survival. Hopefully you have a big stainless steel canteen to get you through your trip, but at the very least, a frugal option is to bring a LifeStraw and drink water from a nearby reservoir.


A LifeStraw runs about $15 depending upon which sales you stumble upon.


  • Non-toxic
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable for frugal off grid experiences
  • Removes 99% of bacteria and parasites
  • Removes microplastics
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Can be fed into a water bottle or cup

A LifeStraw is an amazing and easy frugal off grid way to access water from anywhere as it purifies it for you as you drink. One of these little guys should be a part of all of your frugal off grid camping experiences. 😉 They are an important method for ensuring water cleanliness suitable for drinking which is especially important if you already have chronic health issues.

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Frugal Off Grid Tip #2: Food Prep Basics (Cast Iron Cookware)

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If you use one piece of cookware for frugal off grid camping, this piece will not only last forever it is suitable for those with chronic illness because it is non-toxic. The iron in it is actually beneficial for those with anemia including women with endometriosis.


This 10 1/4 inch pre-seasoned cast iron skilled will run you $20 as it is priced currently. Cast iron cooking equipment pricing ranges all across the board. This is a very frugal off grid option with pricing only going up. (You could always make a lucky find at a garage sale, too, don’t forget).


  • A non-toxic food prep piece of equipment
  • If you get one pan for off grid camping, this one will last forever
  • Provides a minimal does of iron to your food
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable

Cast iron is a no brainer when it comes to frugal off grid cooking.

Runner Up Food Prep:

The runner up that I would recommend is the Cookstove + Stand + Stainless steel cup, fork, spoon combo set. It currently runs about $30 and is a complete cookware set if you don’t have access to an open flame such as a fire pit. You can backpack with this set and have all of your cookware needs met and it is lightweight, too.

Frugal Off Grid Tip #3: Lighting Basics (Non Toxic Beeswax Lantern Candles and Lantern)

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frugal off grid


If you opt to just get some candles for your camping trip, make sure to be safe with the open flame. Beeswax candles have no toxins in their flame so they are great to maintain your health and they are eco-friendly. By adding a lantern, you open your options greatly. This candle lantern has a handle for walking along at dusk, you can heat liquid over it, and you can bring it into your tent and ensure you are getting air pollution from bad candle toxins.


A set of three 12-hour natural beeswax candles currently goes for $11.

A camping candle lantern (fits three candles) currently goes for $40.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-purpose: lighting, heating liquid, warmth
  • Non-toxic heat source
  • Long burning candles
  • No candle dripping or soot

These non toxic candles and accompanying lantern provide you with non toxic light, warm and a backup cooking source to warm up food or drinks. It is a fantastic frugal off grid light source with so many uses.

Runner Up Lighting:

My runner up selection for a light source is a trusty headlamp. This 2-pack headlamp provides a reliable hands free light source while going on frugal off grid outings. It’s currently $14 for a 2-pack.

Frugal Off Grid Tip #4: Cleanliness Basics (Castile Soap)

frugal off grid - cleaning product


My absolute favorite brand of liquid castile soap is Dr. Bronners because of the ingredients used and I find it reliable. This liquid soap can be used in EVERYTHING – it’s so versatile. If you buy any soap for frugal off grid living, this is what I’d recommend. I prefer the unscented kind, and add in my own essential oils to my liking.


Liquid castile soap typically costs in the $15-25 dollar range depending upon the brand, quality and amount you purchase. This one featured is only $8.50 at the time this article is published.


  • Non-toxic soap
  • Versatile uses for the face, hair, laundry, dishes, hand washing when frugal off grid camping
  • A little can be diluted to make a lot
  • Fair trade ingredients
  • Eco friendly designed bottle

If you take any soap camping, this is great for a frugal off grid experience especially when you have chronic illness and you just need a reliable cleaning product for all of your needs at a time. You may want to bring a large collapsible bucket if you plan to wash you clothes, dishes or hands while out in the woods!

Frugal Off Grid Tip #5: Misc. Products for Health Care


There may be other miscellaneous items that you specifically need for you next frugal off grid adventure. If you are actively managing a chronic health concern and are into a daily routine to help your body heal, then these affordable products may help make your time out in the woods a breeze.

  • Pill organizers: These make taking your supplements or medications while on the trail super easy. These range in price from $5 – $20.
frugal off grid - pill organizer
  • Reading Inspiration: These books and journals may help you find new inspiration to heal while out in the woods!
frugal off grid reading material
  • Eye Mask: for improved sleeping quality (especially if you’re in a tent!) Price is less than $10. Includes ear plugs.


Are you ready to go have some fun out in the woods yet? Going frugal off grid camping is a liberating adventure for you and some friends or family. As I’ve outlined it also does not need to be expensive as you can use the bare minimum of items to spend some time out in nature. Do be sure to care for your water needs, food preparations, light and heat needs and pay attention to the weather. Stay a day or a make a long weekend out of the adventure.

There are countless health benefits for going off grid for awhile. These include physical and mental health benefits, so if you haven’t been out in nature for a bit, perhaps it’s time to make it happen. Where is your nearest campsite or recreation center?

Just a note, don’t go off by yourselves and make sure to tell your family if you are going out into the woods. While it is a beautiful place to be, exercise caution and use common sense. If possible, go with a group of people so each of you can take on a particular task and lighten the load.

Stay tuned for another post about off grid life for chronic illness but this time we’ll take it to the next level beyond the basics.

Thanks for reading!

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading! I personally use and support the products featured above. Occasionally, I recommend products I genuinely love and will earn commissions as an Amazon Affiliate if you decide to make a purchase through the links at no cost to you. Posts like these allow me to keep A Pain in the Endo’s content free.

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