5 Sunday Self Love Practices to Vanquish Negativity

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Caught yourself feeling overly negative lately? Try these self care Sunday self love practices to help you process that negativity and make space for feelings of motivation once again. Taking some intentional time for yourself can do wonders for your mental health.

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Coming out of a season of sickness, I found myself in a haze of needing rest, but resting more than I wanted. I ended up feeling negative as a result and then resulted in feeling stuck. I missed that feeling of motivation again, and I’m so glad I’ve got it back. Some simple time and inspiration helped me get back on track quickly.

Need some encouragement? Let’s jump in together!

Starting a Self Care Sunday Routine

Does starting a new routine sound boring or taxing? Maybe it sounds impossible because of all you have going on in your life right now. However, that could just be your negativity piping up because it has become a fixture in your life.

You see, you never really know where inspiration will come from, but I know for sure that you won’t find it when you’re “too busy” to settle down.

Sunday self love

Here are 5 things that helped me get rid of negativity:

1. Sleeping a Bit More

Sleep is often the first thing to go during hectic times, so I highly encourage you if you can’t sleep in for whatever reason to save some time on your Sunday to nap. I know, I know, there’s always at least one person who thinks that napping sounds lazy or unjustified, but hear me out. Your nap might be only 20 minutes, and I don’t know about you but I feel like a new person after a short snooze.

(Many of the most creative people documented in history were prone to indulging in naps. You can learn more about their contributions in the book My Creative Space by Donald Rattner. In it he outlines the habits and routines of creatives from throughout history.)

Life just goes more smoothly when I’m well rested. My relationships improve because I’m less irritable/anxious/apathetic whatever it is I’m able to be more present in my relationships.

2. Unstructured Time

Thomas Edison said that “unstructured time is the mother of creativity.” Well, when I have me some good unstructured time, I usually find myself resting, cleaning up, caring for meals and then getting to unfinished or unstartled creative projects.

There is a state of the brain that goes into something called “flow” which is a really wonderful state to find oneself in. I think the precise name is Theta. It’s a non goal oriented state but it seems to unlock this navigational genius from within and that seems to reset negativity for many.

Other Self-Love Sunday Quotes

  • “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” – Brene Brown
  • “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” – Lifehack

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3. Honoring the Day of Rest

On Sunday, the Bible says that God rested after the busy six days prior. On this day, we are called to honor God in a special way and rest ourselves from our daily burdens. Many choose to use this time to spend time with friends and family or at home reading or doing various hobbies.

I choose not to do any sort of shopping on Sundays and try my best to use the day to seek the Lord. Reading the Bible for a half hour is hardly a time constraint if you build it in. After reading spiritual books or the Bible, I always have a new mindset. It’s hard to feel negative after receiving new uplifting insight.

Can we just say that rest is a self love synonym? 🙂

Other Self Care Sunday Ideas for Your Day of Rest

  • Attend mass or service
  • Spend some time on a hobby
  • Share a meal with family or friends
  • Get outside
  • Take a little day trip
  • Batch meal plan

4. Change the Routine

Sometimes, negativity can creep in when we’re doing the same routine day in and day out. There is something helpful about stability and having an order for one’s life. I wrote a whole post about the benefits of getting your life in order as well. But sometimes we need to see things in a different way to get out of a rut, and sometimes a change in our routine can help us see things in a better light.

For me, maybe it’s taking a walk in a new place, watching a new-to-me YouTube channel that inspires me, getting to know a new person or learning something new about someone I’ve known for ages. You get the picture. Do something different than usual. Mix it up.

5. Make a Meal that Sounds Amazing

Making a meal that sounds delicious can be fun and not just a checklist item. After being sick for awhile and stuck in a mental rut, I looked through several recipes before I found two that really sounded new-to-me, delicious and easy enough. My husband even commented that it has been awhile since I’d made one of my ‘exotic’ meals. (This one happened to be a hearty carrot ginger soup and lamb stew with mid east spice inspiration).

Sometimes a meal can truly touch places that you didn’t know could be reached! Plus, it was nice to have healthy meals for days afterwards on hand.

Need some meal inspiration for endometriosis? These are some of my go-tos:

  • I’ve enjoyed Katie Edmond’s cookbook for gals with Endo. Seriously, everything in it is delicious and full of tasty dishes. It’s based on Paleo principles and has modifications for an AIP-Paleo diet. Her ‘mum’s chocolate cake’ is my go-to for family gatherings these days.
  • I’ve learned a lot from Ali Martin’s GimmeSomeOven food blog and haven’t made a sub-par meal yet. Her recipe index is amazingly helpful in a pinch. I make substitutions for gluten and dairy where needed.

Eat Something Healthy

Vegetables don’t have to feel like negative reinforcement for achieving your goals. Learn some basic cooking skills and wow, eating vegetables will never be easier. When cooked with various healthy fats and spices a whole new world of culinary delights will open up. Most of the meals I create are fairly simple but loaded up with vegetables, protein and fats. Even though we eat on the fairly frugal side and rarely eat out, eating from home usually feels like a luxury.


I hope you are able to get into a relaxed environment and experience a new routine of self care Sunday ideas that help you glow into your best self, increase your positivity and feel new motivation. May love surround you every moment of your life!

Let me know how it all went and your experiences in the comments section! Don’t forget to get inspo on the A Pain in the Endo Pinterest page!

Sunday self love
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