New 6 Month Self Improvement Challenge: Massively Improve Your Life

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Ready to start a 6 month self improvement challenge to improve your life? Are you ready to embark on a path towards a better future? In this post, I write about one of my own ongoing challenges related to trying out the auto-immune protocol elimination diet.

6 month self improvement challenge

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Reasons to Consider an Ongoing Challenge

Need some more encouragement before starting? Maybe this will help you decide!

What is the 6 months challenge?

A 6 month challenge life transformation is an ongoing process that helps you build long-term habits that are focused on retraining some aspect of your life. While a week-long challenge or a monthly challenge can help someone acclimate to making a lifestyle change, in a six-month challenge we’re getting into deeper lifestyle change and therefore it will demand more from you. It is called a challenge because it’s not easy to keep the momentum going and may require creativity, accountability and persistence to maintain this level of change.

How can I improve myself in 6 months?

Through consistent, daily actions you can build more of what you want into your life and over time these changes have a compounding effect. Certainly a one month challenge will help you to move the needs; so, imagine how much you can move the needs over a six months period of time.

When you realize that YOU are responsible for how your respond to life and to create the life you love, you may even become a fan of challenges like these.

Can I transform my life in 6 months?

Of course you can transform your life in six months. Start with the end in mind. What do you hope for yourself? If you pick between 1 – 3 meaningful goals and build actionable daily steps into your day for how to get there, you will be off to a great start. Sometimes you might not know if the path you choose is the right one, but starting and learning as you go can be built into the process for massive change.

There are no 6 month challenge rules per se, but to do something with attention, consistency and for your desired result is key.

Types of Challenges to Work On Yourself

There are quite a few ways to structure a challenge and move ahead in an area of your life. Some that I’ve posted about include yearly challenges, monthly challenges and five day challenges.

Yearly Challenges

A yearly challenge can really bring you to a completely new level if you plan for it the right way. So many times, if you decide to change something, you may just jump in and start making a new change. Perhaps you go to work a new route, you begin to style your hair differently, or you create a new wardrobe. Many of us are so bogged down into our daily life and our own problems that we don’t have the bandwidth to see beyond and get to a better place.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

Education plays a big role in this, as does who we associate with. If may not be possible to suddenly begin associating with more successful, more kind and authentic, smarter or more creative people overnight. But anyone can learn through reading, watching and studying.

When you couple education with you yearly challenge goals you can accomplish so much.

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30 Day Monthly Challenges

A monthly challenge can be a stand alone goal or it can break down a more lofty yearly challenge goal.

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5-Day Challenges

I like to use the five day challenge to try out something and see if I like it or if it’s the right time to make the change last longer.

For example, if you just signed up for the gym or committed to an online workout everyday you may want to try it out for several days to see how it might fit into your schedule. Maybe everyday is too intense, so you realize you need to back off a bit.

Maybe you watch too much TV in the evening so for five days you read a book or choose some other form of enjoyment and see if you really miss TV that much. You get the idea.

Here’s Your Motivational Speech Fearless Motivation

Just remember that you are a creative individual and when you just start on the journey all you need to continue is the next step. What is that next step that you need to get to the next best step?

The Challenge of 6 Months and My Story

If you are thinking of or embarking on a new long-term challenge, you can think of me in the trenches with you. I am about three months into my autoimmune protocol elimination diet and hope to go much further but at least make it to six months.

And guess what, I’m not perfect at this!

I started learning about this way of eating longer than a year ago and did eat along an the AIP diet here and there, but I was really not interested in a restrictive diet.

However, I had been having a few issues and happened upon a health care provider who also wrote a few books about this type of diet. She outlines everything and made everything really simple to follow to get started.

I hit a few roadblocks early on but I kept going. For one, the grocery bill went up a bit (not even counting for inflation) and I was spending a TON of time in the kitchen. Every meal for the first 70 or so days was made by guess who! This made me angry and frustrated, and I recall at least one meltdown over how exhausted I initially was being in the kitchen so much and trying to follow this completely new way of approaching food.

As time went on, I didn’t have to rely on the meal plans as much and going to the store and meal planning became second nature.

My body recalibrated from eating zero processed foods and while I went through a few days of zombie like fatigue and heart palpitations as my body was having, I think, carb and sugar withdrawals, eventually I experienced an even-keel steadiness that seems to be one of the highlights of this diet plan.

As a part of this meal plan, participants were encouraged to fill out a weekly questionnaire of symptoms, and after a month several of my symptoms disappeared and after two months most of my symptoms had disappeared.

I am also doing a ton of other things as well, so I guess my six month plan is pretty extreme but I will be sharing more and more of these “things” as I have the time to write about them.

While the diet called for no ‘cheating’, I must admit that I introduced a few foods in one week instead of introducing one per week. Sometimes, I had takeout because, well, burnout. But on the whole, I have never felt so calm and steady as I have with eating all of these real delicious foods and it doesn’t feel restrictive these days. Now, I am enjoying the food revolution going on in my kitchen.

What can you learn from my experience?

  • You may start strong, but eventually you will question the necessity versus convenience of your old ways. It may anger you.
  • Others may start to notice something has changed. How does their support or lack thereof influence you and your progress?
  • You may have a meltdown. Hey, change can be stressful! Remember why you’re doing it and ask for grace from others in your household.
  • Eventually, if you stick with it, you may find that it more easily fits into your life like a second nature. You may even prefer this new way of doing things.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate how far you’ve come, even if you just give yourself a pat on the back. You aren’t making excuses, you’re making promises to yourself.

Challenge Components for a Better Life

Remember, going the distance is great but so is building a foundation. You gotta walk before you can run.

Here are a few quick tips for getting your foundation in place!

  • Order Your Life – An overview of the pillars of your life to help you assess each particular area
  • Try a Word of the Month – a word of the month is a word that inspires you and helps you stay truthful to your inner guidance
  • Guided Meditation and Visualization – A way to boost your creativity and create new neural pathways.
  • Daily Gratitude Practice – Keeping a journal regarding what was most precious to you that day. What fills your heart with gratitude? What is most valued and important to you?
6 month self improvement challenge

I hope this was helpful for you! What are your 6 month challenge ideas?

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