9 Powerful Affirmations for Emotional Strength After Surgery

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These affirmations for emotional strength will help ease your mental load in so many instances in your life. This collection of phrases should be viewed as a jumping off point for you if you’re not already utilizing them and as an invitation for you to learn how to find phrases that resonate with your needs. I found great relief in listening to affirmations after surgery because I felt so broken. In this brokenness I found the peace to get through the day more easily.

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affirmations for emotional strength

Are affirmations just a bunch of woo? I’ve discussed this in past posts before about how I used to think using affirmations was just wishful thinking and a complete waste-o-my-time. I actually had a lot to learn through this process of getting hit hard by life and picking myself back up again. My faith muscles were going through an intense workout for the last decade and over time I’ve realized a few things.

For one, we really have little control over the actions of others or things that can happen, but we can notice patterns and avoid trouble patterns. Number two, our bodies do become stuck in a stress cycle when we have negative thinking. This negative thinking can impact our bodies in powerful ways. So, getting a hold on our lens of life is hugely important. Bigly. Ha. And finally, affirmations are just another way to say ‘I will be nice to myself by saying what my inner child needs to hear’ and ‘the natural law has much to teach everyone.’

After surgery I was feeling really powerless and down on myself and life. Affirmations played a big role in helping me reframe my focus while I was healing from surgery.

Let’s learn more…

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 affirmations for emotional strength

Research Back Up Power of Affirmations

It turns out, there is solid research behind the practice of affirmations.

Here is a synthesis of some of the studies:

  • According to a study published in 2016 in the Social Cognitive Affect Neuroscience Journal, “self-affirmation activates brain systems associated with self-related processing and is reinforced by future-orientation (1).” In layman’s terms, neural processes are activated with successful self-affirmation.
  • In a study examining factors that helped people who self-reported recovering from anxiety and depression, in addition to seeking outside help for recovery said that affirmations played a crucial role in recovery. (2)
  • Another study found that personal affirmations helped participants maintain personal integrity which helped health, education and relationship outcomes. Affirmations can result in positive outcomes for months and years ahead. (3)
  • It has been found that affirmation of personal values buffers neuroendocrine and the psychological stress responses. Affirmations and reflections on these personal values helps to keep cortisol levels low even during stressful times according to another research study. (4)
  • Apparently, positive affirmations can even help prime individuals brains to accept other positive health interventions that they would otherwise be defensive about. In particular, sedentary individuals were more likely to take part in more healthy behaviors after doing positive affirmations. (5)

I was blown away by the research on a practice of positive affirmations. I hope by now if you were skeptical, you now see the huge value of these in your life. You have nothing to lose and everything gain.

The Best Time to Practice Affirmations

I wrote an entire post on using Affirmations Before Bed. Check it out if you’d like. It’s a great starting point for learning more about affirmations.

Practicing Affirmations Daily

While nighttime is a wonderful time to practice doing affirmations because it is forefront in your mind and enables your mind to process them all night long, if you get into a habit of practice affirmations over time your mind will also integrate the words and thoughts into your mind over time. In fact, you may find that over time you begin to dream about your affirmations or see symbols relating to what you spoke to yourself.

Now, the bible tells us not to read too much into dreams (though sometimes they are from God) so I just view these types of symbolic dreams as a sign that my mind is integrating this new practice and weaving it into my thinking.

Our brains demonstrate neuroplasticity, which is such a beautiful miracle.

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Practicing Affirmations During Stressful Times

Affirmations can be so pivotal like for me after my surgeries. During sad, stressful or other difficult times we need to have faith that God is watching out for us as well as build up our inner resiliency. These times can erode us if we aren’t making powerful affirmations for strength and courage or powerful affirmations for mental health.

Have these affirmations for positive thinking ready for you just waiting in the wings for your tough time. While we can’t predict how things will affect us, we can observe life patterns and realize that we can face anything and be ready for it. If we have positive statements and stories ready for us to turn to as well as a shoulder to lean on we will be able to make it through with less trauma.

Practice Affirmations for Emotional Strength in Several Methods

You are probably familiar with there being several learning methods. These could include taking in information auditorily through the ears, writing it down and helping a kinesthetic for of learning blossom, through the eyes by visually taking in information.

I would highly recommend you take in these positive affirmations in your preferred learning method, but then also take it in using at least one other method.

For example, you could read through the affirmations, listen to them by saying them aloud and then journal about them.

Really take them in. Let the affirmations for emotional strength permeated your being.

Setting the Stage for Positive Thinking for Emotional Strength

In my other post linked above I wrote about some practices that you may want to do at bedtime in order to get into the right frame of mind so you can really focus.

When you’re in the middle of ‘it’ though you just need the positivity like slurping juice up a straw, right?

affirmations for emotional strength

Quick Helps for Getting Helps from Affirmations

Research shows that our anxiety and overwhelm can creep up when we don’t feel safe, connected or might lose control. Let’s focus on this idea to set the stage for letting affirmations work for you.


  • Have a quiet moment with yourself, ideally a private moment with yourself
  • Make sure you feel safe in your environment


  • Watch an affirmational YouTube video. Sometimes we need to hear the word spoken by someone else and just lay there.
  • Let yourself feel your feelings. Cry if you need to. Connect with yourself
  • Continue as often as you need to while feeling emotionally fragile
  • Beware of energy vampires and remove yourself if you can from them at this time

Sense of Control

  • Pull out these affirmations and keep them handy.
  • Realize that you might be feeling a loss of control after surgery. Just know that a factor in your psychological safety is missing can help you release tension.

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What are the 9 Affirmations for Emotional Strength?

In my quest to get out of a bad, depressive funk I turned to affirmations for emotional strength. They helped me so much that I wanted to share them with you so you could be ready for anything life throws your way!

1). “This is not a punishment but a learning process to love myself more and to show myself utmost kindness.”

2). “My body is growing healthy and stronger now.”

3). “I am loved, lovable and loving.”

4). “This too shall pass. He fills my life with good things.”

5). “At my core, I feel [name a positive feeling that resonated with you…hopeful, encouraged, strong, willing to heal, gentle with myself, etc.]”

6). “I may not feel perfect but I am willing to feel better soon.”

7). “My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who guides all of history.”

8). “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry”

9). “Suffer gently”

You will know when you read the right affirmation for emotional strength because it will hit you in the gut like a soft pillow. It should feel really good and calming.

If none of them resonate with you, that’s ok. Something will. I would recommend really focusing on #5 up there. Focus on what you are feeling. Very rarely are we feeling only one emotion at a time. Sure, we can feel depressed or sad very heavily, but if we pay attention, there is usually another emotional associated with it. It could even be anger which can be a positive emotion when funneled productively.

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Hopefully these affirmations for emotional strength and affirmations for emotional stability helped you cope with whatever situation you find yourself in. Just remember, each season has its time and then a new season arrives. This too will pass. How did these affirmations help you in your time of need? What helped you after surgery?


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