The 8 Best Post Surgery Gift Ideas for Her

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These post surgery gift ideas for her are sure to bring comfort and joy to all who receive them. Sounds too good to be true? The one thing I’ve learned from having multiple surgeries is how it is truly the thought that counts. Might as well make that thought feel like a million bucks while you’re at it (without spending a million bucks of course).

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Surgery can really upend your life and it’s not something most of us look forward to, even though there can be helpful side effects. For women with advanced endometriosis it can be par for the course. While most laparoscopic surgeries these days are less time intensive to heal from compared to the routine laparotomy (a bigger cut and more extensive surgery) that’s not always the case.

I was told I’d start feeling better after three days. Uh. Yeah right. (I’m still a bit befuddled at Doctor’s inability to give realistic expectations for surgery recovery time…I’ve heard from others they too were told complete nonsense.) Make that three months? Nothing felt right after surgery for a long time and it’s been a journey to say the least.

Perhaps that’s why I’m a big fan of sharing how you can help someone who has recently had surgery for endo or other chronic illness. This post is full of post surgery gift ideas for her including unique gifts for post surgery. The little acts of love I received post-surgery all made my days immediately after surgery a lot more bearable. Trust me, I remember every kind gesture from my time of need because I was so grateful for each and every kindness. 🙂

Let’s jump in for some post surgery gift ideas for her!

The Five Love Languages and Surgery

While everyone “thinks” they know how they want to be treated after surgery, the truth is that you don’t always really know what you’ll need until you’re laying there after surgery.

I didn’t share much about my surgery with much of anyone expect a very small circle of family.

Why the privacy? I think I was being self-protective because I was internally FREAKING out about surgery and having to chance people brushing me off or not handling my emotions positively would have been worse than not telling them. I also loathed to explain what was going on with me health-wise. Who wants to tell your co-workers or friends you don’t see all that often all about your unstable menstrual habits, horrible cramps and fertility struggles? Nope. I didn’t need to be scrutinized and I didn’t want to burden others who already had a lot going on. (Yes, big assumptions on my part that I’d be scrutinized or a burden and not necessarily true).

Looking back, I would have done a few things differently including sharing more of the details of what was going on and easy ways they could support me if they choose.

The Five Love Languages (based upon the book by Gary Chapman) notes the importance of the five different love languages that we all speak and hear in some order of importance. It’s a great book to read in and of itself, but also a great way to think about how to find some meaningful post surgery gift ideas for her.

Here are the five love languages:

  • The Gift of Service
  • The Gift of Physical Touch
  • The Gift of Quality Time
  • The Gift of Words of Affirmation
  • The Gift of Gifts

It’s nice to think about post surgery gift ideas for her that will actually resonate and make her feel loved. If you have surgery coming up, you may want to think about ways that you feel most loved and then let those closest to you know what you need during the post-surgery time. It will alleviate a lot of anxiety and concern.

Also, sometimes we don’t have a bunch of people who are close or reliable. In these cases, still think about what you need and make plans to do them for yourself or find support elsewhere. There are many online communities that will support you, just make sure to investigate ahead of time. Most importantly, do what you need to do to feel safe, connected and like you have a sense of control after surgery.

While my surgery was for endometriosis, these gift ideas can help others including post breast surgery care package ideas, post foot surgery gifts for her, and post eye surgery gift ideas

What are the Best Postsurgery Gifts?

I’m just going to highlight here some of the help or items I received which were the most helpful, along with the things I made sure to do when I was in need.

(1) The Gift of Food

Food is among my favorite post surgery gift ideas for her. I was super fortunate that my family provided some amazing food dishes for me post surgery. In my family, most people have experienced some health issue or another over the years, including surgery, so there was ample compassion about what I was about to go through.

If your loved ones don’t quite understand what is coming, and you may not either, let them know that this would be very helpful if they can provide for you in this way.

With this came the offer to help me out after surgery including the bringing over of food and just spending some time with me. My husband also volunteered to be my caretaker immediately after surgery, which was a lot more work than either of us expected because my surgery was a lot harder to recover from than I was led to believe. Needless to say, the gift of food helped him out immensely as well.

Anyways, since I could not do more than lay down for the first several days, I obviously couldn’t prepare my meals. Having family and a generous friend bring over a meal here and there was a lifesaver for us. No matter how many soups you stock up on in advance, there is something so endearing about receiving someone’s homemade food that was made just for you.

Here are some post surgery meals that feel healing (or for anyone going through a season of crazy). They can be modified based upon your dietary needs or given to your significant other if you are avoiding certain ingredients:

  • Vegetable soup in clear broth
  • Lentil soup (I use Amy’s Lentil Soup)
  • Ginger carrot soup
  • Ginger Chews (for helping nausea and gas pain post-surgery)
  • Casseroles
  • Brownies or other deserts
  • Ingredients for smoothies (frozen berries, almond milk, etc.)
  • Chocolate if tolerated
  • Whatever your favorites are (if people ask, feel free to share)
  • Stir fry
  • Herbal tea
  • Healthy hot cocoa
  • Restaurant or grocery gift cards are also exceedingly helpful and generous

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(2) The Offering of Quality Time

What to do for someone who just had surgery? If they are interested and you have the time, making a little visit in person may be the best thing you could do. Granted, make sure you aren’t sick because the last thing the person recovering needs right now is to get sick. Seriously.

This is especially important if you are already close friends or family with the person, if they are extraverted and thrive on people-time, or if they requested you come and visit them.

Having surgery, coming off of the pain killers and anesthesia and feeling horrible can really mess with a person’s emotions. The most stoic among us can be reduced to tears in an instant. Having someone nearby just to sit and talk (mostly about the recoveree) can be so emotionally helpful.

(3) Gifts of Service

After someone’s surgery, there may really be a lot they can’t do right away. I know that my surgery was way longer than I expected and my recovery time was a lot harder than I expected. Here are some things to think about asking for (if you’re the one getting surgery) or offering (if your loved one is having surgery):

  • Help with laundry
  • Help with meals
  • Help with general cleaning and picking things up
  • Help with getting up and down (especially the first few days and nights after surgery)
  • Help with general things (cup of water, change toilet paper, remote control, extra blankets, re-fill the water bottle, etc.) that can really help the comfort of the one recovering

A note on self sufficiency: I do know people who have recovered from surgery all on their own and that experience made them very tough in my eyes! While it’s not ideal, not everyone has the luxury of another person nearby to wait on them the first few days after surgery. If you are your own in this experience, make sure you have someone call you the first few days to check in on you. Also, you will want to plan several weeks in advance to do meal prep and set up your space so everything you need is easily accessible. More on how to set up a Nest below.

(4) Gift Boxes for Postsurgery

For some, a meaningful gift will rock her world after surgery.

What do you put in a care package for someone after surgery?

  • Flowers and vase (even fake flowers are ok)
  • Candy
  • Socks
  • Lip balm / lotion
  • Essential oils
  • Journal
  • Fancy pen
  • Greeting card or handwritten note
  • Get Well Sugar Cookies Gift Set
  • Gift cards

The list is truly endless but these are just a few common suggestions that I can attest to!

post surgery gift ideas for her

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post surgery gift ideas for her

(5) Words of Affirmation / Books / Guided Meditation

Words of Affirmation are basically hearing or reading words that build you up. They are what you need to hear at the right time and are generous in spirit.

These words of encouragement can be spoken to the recoveree. If you are going to have surgery, you may want to get yourself a few books or magazines that are encouraging and help your inner world in post surgery land.

One that that helped me immensely was listening to some encouraging words on YouTube videos. I needed to hear positive words out loud a lot during my recovery because it was such a discouraging recovery. I needed this daily after awhile and highly recommend finding and saving a few positivity meditations so you are prepared.

I didn’t feel like reading or watching videos much while recovering, but just listening to positive words was so helpful and healing for my mind.

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(6) Getting Comfortable & Physical Touch

Now, someone who has just had surgery may not want to be touched at all during recovery. However, holding their hand may be a very nice gesture if they are up for it. What really helped me was a head rub and a hot water bottle. These things helped reduce the tension but didn’t feel over the top at the time.

I highly recommend this scalp massager!

post surgery gift ideas for her

(7) Making a Nest (Bedside Storage Organizer)

But wait, there’s more post surgery gift ideas for her! Making a designated area for you to recover in is so helpful. I didn’t know this was a thing until my surgery recovery period and stumbled upon it while reading endo blogs myself.

In my home, my husband coined the term Nest for my space on the couch and any obtainable surface area nearby where I stored my essentials. The top of the couch was for my phone. The little table stet up next to the couch was for my water, snacks, pain meds, Kleenex, and anything else I might need during the day while I rested.

I thought I would stay on the couch for a few days but that turned into weeks because my mobility was not great. Plus, our old couch was the most comfortable place and the easiest place for me to get in and out of on my own.

Yes, I was trying to move around like was suggested but my stamina was zero and my first 9 hour surgery left me exhausted and second surgery 9 days later just prolonged my healing.

I wish I had a picture of my post surgery next to share with you. It had a lot of blankets and pillows underneath me for extra padding. It really looked like a giant human nest!

If you don’t have what you need, you might want to consider a bedside organizer for your post surgery location.

post surgery gift ideas for her

(8) The Gift of Grace

An old boss and mentor once said that sometimes we have to give the gift of grace to others. He said this because he recognized that he had been given grace and good treatment at a certain place where we worked and he was now in a position to pass it forward. His mentality permeated throughout the work environment I worked in for several years and I will forever be grateful for the grace I received during my time there and during my recovery of post-surgery recovery.

Examples of Giving Grace

Here are some examples of giving grace if you are in a position to do so to consider:

  • Giving an employee a wide berth during recovery from surgery
  • Standing up for an employee who is not physically present due to being out for surgery
  • Organizing a group gift or card for the one recovering from surgery
  • Working with an employee to design the best return to work goals plan

Here are some other ideas to give grace to others or yourself when recovering from surgery:

  • Be patient and extra kind
  • Imagine this person was your child or inner child
  • Imagine this person was Jesus
  • Offer to help in some way (sometimes the offer is enough)


Hopefully these post surgery gift ideas for her give you something to think about as you prepare for surgery or help someone cope. What are you favorite gifts to give or receive after recovery? Do you have any post surgery gift ideas for her? Leave your comments and start the conversation!

post surgery gift ideas for her

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