19 A Day in the Life Ideas for Healing and Growth

a day in the life ideas

Plan with amazing a day in the life ideas for healing and growth. Needing a refresh from the world? Looking for your perfect day? Where do you turn when your spirit needs rest? In this post I’ll share my favorite A Day in the Life ways to recharge after a period of heavy lifting. Many of these ways involve living holistically and close to nature and paying closer attention to the spiritual side of your being.


Come away and find your place in the sun. Settle in and just be.

“There’s a wild, wild whisper
Blowin’ in the wind
Callin’ out my name
Like a long lost friend”

American Honey, Lady Antebellum

My Day in the Life Story

After the last year of pushing hard to get this site established, working my daily duties and doing a host of other tasks, I had reached sensory overload and my “input” tank was full. I had felt similarly at other busy periods of life, such as during my years studying and striving in academia, putting in long hours on a job and building a career and after most every life transition.

There is a time to plan, set goals, develop daily habits to reach those goals, and develop as a person through reading, networking, seminars, courses and the like, but then there is a time for rest.

I had reached my time for needing rest.

I planned a retreat at a spot that I had been to a handful of times in the past. A place of beauty and quiet. The perfect place for reflection and a place I wouldn’t be tempted to do a bunch of stuff around the house or plan an outing with someone. A real retreat.

My retreat was several days long. The retreat host always say to make a retreat longer than a weekend, because it can take a day or two just to unwind and settle in.

I opted for a self-guided retreat: one where I could delve into reading, prayer, nature and wherever the Spirit moved. It was an ideal time to journal and reflect.

By the end of the retreat, I felt as though renewed. God had showed me several things that helped me sort out some of the ‘issues of the heart’ I had been having and in talking with a spiritual minded person I received greater support and clarity than I would have even on my own.

It had been too long since my last retreat, and I’ve already decided not to take so long to give my spirit this type of much needed rest again. I hold this space in time akin to a tree being able to tap into the ground water, without which it would not flourish.

Feeling the need to tap into your own groundwater? Here are some ideas for you!

Perfect Day Challenge Ideas

When you think of a retreat, you can think of it as your own a day in the life story examples – you get to create your own real life retreat.

At Home Ideas

  • Work on your garden
  • Plan time to work solely on your favorite hobby
  • Pray in your special prayer nook
  • Have a stack of interesting books for you to read
  • Have a batch of food all ready prepared in advance
  • Sit outside in a beautiful place outside

I felt so inspired after viewing Julie Newmar’s take on a home retreat that I had to share it! Her love for gardens was also a way for her to connect and share love with her disabled son. Some beautiful ideas for your a day in the life photography ideas, too.

Away from Home Ideas

  • Go somewhere special where you can find peace, nature and beauty
  • Plan what you’ll do for the day or extended time
  • Find a retreat house run by your religious or spiritual practice. (Many retreat houses are for anyone seeking).
  • Go to church
  • Find a conference, guided retreat or even a guided vacation to attend with a friend
  • Take a road trip with specific stops and destination

I hate to mention this, but please plan prudently and safely. Don’t go anywhere alone where you may be unsafe. These days, it’s worth planning prudently ahead as best you can.

Ideas for Documenting Your Day

If you want to document your day, you could plan ahead by using a day in the life writing prompt to imagine something completely different and unique that is just right for you. You could take some a day in the life video ideas, such as making video shorts about what you see, who you meet, and what inspired you the most.

What are the benefits of day in the life videos? They help you capture your time and inspiration and can help further inspire you or others later.

For example, I journaled and took photos of my special time. You could also use a camera like this to take some amazing nature photographs.

6 Ways to Boost It – Your Day in the Life Study

Use these principles to guide your planning if you need some help!

One: Treat Your Day as a Vacation and Plan Ahead

Once you have the idea, set aside the time on your calendar and block it off!

Two: Leave Some Things to Chance

In my humble opinion, plan your retreat but don’t over plan it. Leave some room for the unexpected that arises.

Three: Prepare for More Time Than Expected

If you plan for a half day, take the whole day if you can. If you plan a day, maybe think about planning a few days away. Why? It can take some time to truly unwind and just be.

Four: Consider a Digital Detox

While most of us feel attached to our electronic devices, consider only using your phone once or twice a day instead of being attached to it during your whole retreat. Give yourself some space.

Five: Get Outside of Your Normal Routine

Do you sit at your computer a lot? Consider spending time in nature or in another place other than home.

Six: Choose a Place That is Special and Safe

I mentioned this, but plan with safety in mind. A retreat in an unsafe place soon won’t feel that refreshing. A little planning can help ensure you plan with safety in mind ahead of time.


I hope you found this inspiring. Anytime of year is the perfect time to take some time away from the daily grind and receive guidance from the Holy Spirit, hear yourself think and get some mind-rest. After coming back from my own personal retreat, I felt like this post could be helpful to a lot of people right now. Wishing you wellness!

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