Be Kind to Yourself Guided Journal – 15 Ways to Respond with Love

be kind to yourself journal

This guide on a Be Kind To Yourself Journal for wellness is a worthwhile project. In it I will outline how to journal so that you remember to be kind to yourself, and that you should respond to your own stress with love and compassion. We all know that we should destress and prioritize joy, but sometimes it can be easy to forget that wellness is a worthwhile daily pursuit and not something for merely a time of crisis.

be kind to yourself journal

It’s Mentally Healthy To Be Positive

Here’s why:

There are several research studies which show positive outcomes associated with positive self-talk. Some of the outcomes include:

  • Confidence building
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Pain reduction
  • Greater reports of overall wellness
  • Less cardiovascular disease
  • Better physical outcomes
  • Better relationship health
  • And, reduced likelihood of death (!)

I don’t know about you, but if I can improve all of those things merely by being kinder to myself, I’d give it a shot to learn how. That’s where building this skill through a be kind to yourself journal comes into play.

What Would It Take To Start A Daily Practice?

To start being more kind to yourself, you can start for free today right where you are. All you really need is some paper and pen, time and some journal prompts to get you started. Are you ready to start self-reflecting?

Who Do You Show Up As?

Are you more familiar with positive self-talk or negative self-talk in most of the situations of your life?

Chances are, you do a little of both.

Here are some examples of positive self-talk:

  • You encourage yourself
  • You recognize your resistances to growth and challenge yourself
  • You tell yourself you can accomplish what you set out to do
  • You remind yourself of past achievements
  • You remind yourself on your intrinsic value

Here are some examples of negative self-talk:

  • You hold yourself back out of guilt, shame or fear of things that would be fun, meaningful or enriching to you
  • You remind yourself of your failures
  • You tell yourself your dreams are out of reach
  • You have reasons for why you can’t do something
  • You use extreme language, such as never, impossible, or out of the question and don’t dare to dig deeper

It’s not the critic that counts, remember. Just tell that inner critic to take and hike and get busy encouraging yourself.

be kind to yourself journal

Are You a Friend Or A Frenemy To Yourself?

Are you sabotaging yourself, your life, your chances at happiness with being your own worst enemy or worst critic?

Here are some examples of how to be a friend to yourself:

  • Plan something fun for yourself
  • Buy your favorite food for a special date with yourself
  • Turn up your favorite songs and turn off your phone
  • Keep your secrets and don’t overshare
  • In other words, your own validation is enough
  • You earn your own trust by following through on what is important for you; it’s called self-respect
  • Make plans for yourself, basically
  • Stick to a self-care routine, like with this nighttime checklist

Sometimes, we’re so busy trying to people please that we forget that if we are sabotaging ourselves, we’re faking friendship with ourselves and others.

Who Is The Kindest Person You Know?

Think about the kindest person you know. Not the kind of person who is always giving, giving and giving until they become a martyr compared to everyone else, but that person who you feel comfortable around and gives out of her excess. In fact, she is probably great at receiving love and kindness as well because she knows that’s how healthy relationships are – give and take. Learn from her actions. Maybe she’ll even take you under her wing and teach you a thing or two about kindness (and boundaries).

What Are 15 Journal Prompts For A Be Kind To Yourself Journal?

Here are 15 journal prompts to be kind to yourself:

  1. If a friend were having a bad day, how would I talk to them? How would I encourage them? Write a letter to yourself as if to a friend.
  2. Write about how you could be more compassionate to yourself right now instead of critical.
  3. Write about 3 things you need right now to feel better. Make sure at least one of them happens in the next hour or make a plan for it to happen.
  4. Write about any lies you’ve told yourself and describe in detail what the truth actually is. Then, promise to always be honest with yourself and tell yourself the truth.
  5. If you feel dumb, write about something you are really good at and give yourself a compliment.
  6. If you feel inferior, write a letter to yourself from God as God sees you.
  7. If you feel deep grief, let yourself grieve and then write about how you’re doing the best you can.
  8. If you feel grief, write about how you can gently support yourself right now.
  9. If you feel anger at yourself, write about what forgiveness of self looks likes.
  10. If you feel anger at others, write about what forgiveness of others looks like.
  11. If you are being a perfectionist, write about the values of compassion, hard word and less than perfect can transform the world.
  12. If you are feeling lazy and apathetic, write a reminder to yourself about the value of work and the value of rest.
  13. If you are facing a great disappointment, write about what you can do either differently next time or what one step would be to make it better.
  14. If you are feeling abandoned, write about one step you could take towards connection with healthy relationships.
  15. If you have regrets, write about what you will do differently next time and how mistakes are often valuable learning opportunities to grow in compassion and wisdom. If you feel grief as well, go back to prompt 7 and 8.

As you can see, sometimes a be kind to yourself journal involves being proactive and problem solving your way forward. Feel the feelings, for sure, but also don’t get stuck in those feelings forever. Work to begin to create the atmosphere for positive feelings to reign. If you need further motivation, go back to the paragraph about some of the benefits of positive self-talk – and really value the work to turn the bad into the good.

Favorite Journal Titles

There are many names of journaling that may include a special section on self-compassion. Some include:

  • Am I overthinking this journal?
  • Come as you are wellness journal
  • Future-self journaling
  • Take care journal
  • Everyday journal
  • Self-helping myself: a guided journal

No matter how to define your journal, each includes special sections focused on your emotional well-being, experience and processing of the events of life. Each includes a heavy dose of compassion.

Journal Prompts For Future Talk What Would It Look Like?:
Journal Prompts for Self Love List:


As you can see, there are many benefits to positive self-talk and learning how to be kind to yourself, so make sure to use a be kind to yourself journal method to really dig deep and discover how to feel positive even amidst adversity. Your wellbeing depends upon it, and well, that’s important for healing from chronic illness. Full circle here.


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