The Best Green Laundry Room Ideas For Endometriosis in 2023

non-toxic laundry detergent for endometriosis

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Welcome back friends to my multi-post series on non-toxic living. Today I’ll cover the best green laundry room ideas for endometriosis in 5 easy steps! In case you’re new here, check out my other posts on non-toxic water bottles and non-toxic laundry detergents that I recommend. You’ll also see why it’s so important to begin to reduce your toxic load of chemicals if you have endometriosis. It’s a good time to embrace the non-toxic laundry room.

As you might imagine the laundry room can be loads full of various chemicals, including the ones known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). The research is very clear that these chemicals can cause all sorts of nasty experience such as headaches and rashes to reproductive issues including endometriosis.

Most commercial made laundry detergents contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can leach, migrate and off-gas into the rest of your home. You may unwittingly inhale or ingest the fumes anywhere in your home and especially where they are most concentrated. We don’t know the long-term effects that many of these products have on us because many of these are newer creations, but we do know that they seem to pose some risk to our bodies.

For example, some of these endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been shown to lead to the development of endometriosis. Another research synthesis from 2020 found that many endocrine disrupters somehow impact endometriosis and women who experience the related symptoms. Therefore, it’s really important to reduce your exposure as much as possible from the chemicals that can cause harm and those time tested substances which are considered safe to use.

When going green it is also easier than you might think to also find non-toxic products. Many times what is good for our bodies is also better for the environment. When you remove not so healthy products and begin to add less harmful ones it feels good.

There are more ideas for transitioning to a green laundry room than just switching up your laundry detergent. There are fabric softeners and fabric softener alternatives. There are traditional spot cleaners and spot cleaner alternatives. And there are gentle ways to enhance the freshness of your fabrics that have multiple purposes for your household cleaning care.

What are the best green laundry room ideas for endometriosis in 2022?

green laundry room ideas for endometriosis
Green laundry room ideas

I really love to brainstorm green laundry room ideas for endometriosis. After learning about how toxins are so disruptive to my body I began making more informed choices. I personally use all of these products (with the exception of the portable washer…but I could see using one in the future). They keep my laundry routine simple and green and my laundry-room non-toxic. I feel confident in my choices knowing what I know now.

1 – Choose a green laundry detergent

I just wanted to throw this one in again – you can check out my post on the topic and my additional research on why finding a healthy laundry detergent is so important. It’s uber important for your non-toxic laundry room. I list out some of the highest rated based upon lack of toxicity and being environmentally friendly.

There are always so many new products coming out to the market, so keep me posted if you find a brand that represents all the good things!

2 – Use Castile Soap for Spot Cleaning

Truly my favorite


One of the reasons I love Dr. Bronner’s castile soap so much is the reliability and the purity. This company is unique to be sure (check out the text on their products and you’ll know what I mean!) and uses non-toxic chemicals. They pride themselves on implementing organic regenerative practices that are mindful of the earth. Everyone needs this soap in their non-toxic laundry room!

What is castile soap? It’s name after where it originated, Castile, Spain, and is typically a hard soap make from olive oil. I typically use the unscented version to keep it simple and because sometimes fragrances bother me. I use it for rubbing into dirty spots as well as for making my own laundry detergent.


  • Safe for a green laundry room
  • Certified by the EWG
  • Multi-purpose household and personal cleanser
  • Great spot cleaner and also be used for making affordable homemade laundry detergent
  • Good for the environment and biodegradable

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a trusted and affordable product that you could literally use to clean your entire home, look no further. It’s one of my favorite green laundry room ideas for endometriosis.

3 – Use Wool Balls Instead of Fabric Softener

green laundry room ideas for endometriosis
Thinking Mary would be proud of her little lamb


Yes, yes I know there are some decent fabric softeners out there and I know there are some that are filled with chemicals. The kind Mr. Yuk would not smile about. But when I realized how much money I would be saving by using these soft wool balls every time I used the dryer, I completely switched over. Plus, I have zero concern for any chemicals from these guys. I LOVE my wood dryer balls. They give me confidence in my non-toxic laundry room. These are made with 100% wool period.


  • Super cost-effective over time
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Supporting America’s farmers and sustainability practices
  • Supports your green laundry room

Bottom Line

If you are torn between non-toxic form of dryer sheet and these, how come? These are a great gift idea for others as well as yourself. Plus I always love supporting local and sometimes you can find these at your local farmers market depending if you are located near a sheep or alpaca farm. Just another green laundry room idea to help reduce the toxic load.

4 – Release Wrinkles Naturally with a Portable Steamer

Stream steam


Maybe you’ve needed to use products that help alleviate wrinkles. Maybe you loathe to iron. Maybe you leave your laundry in the dryer for a lot longer than you intended. Well, if you’ve been using chemical laden products for this another green laundry room idea for endometriosis is to switch to portable steamer. They are incredibly easy to use and take the wrinkles out of clothing well. I know mine has come in handy over the years.


  • Portable/lightweight
  • Non-toxic because it only uses steam from water to remove wrinkles
  • Great for travel
  • Nice tool to help make for a non-toxic laundry room

Bottom Line

The price ranges from $30-$60 on these typically. Expect to pay a bit less from the no-name brands and a little from a more reputable brand that typically lasts a long time. Depending upon your work/life situation, you may find yourself using this daily! If you only need it a few times a year then it’s better for you and then environment than to use chemical laden products that supposedly eliminate wrinkles but cause EDCs to settle in your body and cause endometriosis.

5 – Enhance That Clean Smell Naturally with Essential Oils

Laguna Moon are new to the market and having some amazing deals this year


Over the years I’ve been dabbling in essential oils for cleaning and personal care. If you use essential oils then you know they can really add up quick. On average for the organic oils they can range from $7.99 – $25 depending upon the oil, size and brand. However, a new brand recently emerged on Amazon called Laguna Moon and they have quickly ascended to the #1 Best Seller category and for good reason. They offer gift sets for GREAT DEALS. This set of 26 organic essential oils is as of September 2022 going for $36. SALE ALERT SALE ALERT.

Essential oils are a wonderful green product for your laundry room and household in general. Their scents come from nature and safe to breath. In many cases, the scents event clean up the air from toxins, bacteria, viruses, molds, etc.


  • Wonderful way to naturally scent your clothing
  • Add into your laundry detergent for a natural scent
  • Add to wool balls to naturally scent your clothes as they dry
  • Non-toxic laundry room essential
  • Detoxifies the air in your laundry room and household
  • Mood enhancing
  • Therapeutic grade organic essentials oils from across the globe

Bottom Line

I could go and on about essential oils for your personal care and in this case, for your non-toxic laundry room. Whole articles can be written about the benefits of essential oils for endometriosis so keep an eye out for future posts. This brand (Laguna Moon) is winning some huge loyalty right now for their incredible deals, but like they say the deals won’t last forever. Bottom line is these are wonderful to have on hand and help keep your laundry room green and non-toxic.

6 – Try This Portable Energy Efficient Washer

Perfectly adorable HE portable washer? Heck yes.


Do you live in an apartment and have to use the laundromat? Do you have to share a washer with a roommate? Are you looking to cut back costs of water and electricity because the price of things is so outrageous? This is one of my favorite green laundry room ideas for endometriosis because it checks off so many boxes.


  • Affords you the convenience and cost savings you are looking for
  • Energy efficient product
  • Adds a boost to your non-toxic laundry room
  • Portable meaning you can take it anywhere.
  • Well regarded brand (Black & Decker) and highly reviewed

Bottom Line

I personally have not used one, but given the right situation it seems like a wonderful green idea for your laundry room. If you’re in school, renting in a place where there is only a laundry mat, or you simply want a wash machine in a convenient location in your home, look no further. Just more green laundry room ideas for endometriosis.

7 – Air Dry Clothing With Drying Rack

non-toxic laundry room green laundry room
Air dry versus air fry


A clothes drying rack is one of many essential green laundry room ideas for endometriosis. I have one similar to this model and I cannot tell you how often I use it. I can fit most of my summer wardrobe items on here to air dry and give my electric bill a little break. In the winter, it takes longer for clothes to air dry, but I usually have bulky sweaters and jeans that I air dry so they don’t shrink. Quilts, too. Best of all it’s compactible and fits tidily in between my washer and dryer so I can get it out of the way when it’s not in use.

This model includes adjustable wings that move higher or lower depending upon your needs, a place to put shoes and a place to dry clothing flat.


  • Keeping in line with a non-toxic and green laundry room
  • Saves on electricity
  • Stores easily

Bottom Line

This Honey-Can-Do clothes drying rack is a wonderful addition and another of many great green laundry room ideas for endometriosis. I particularly recommend this exact model because it is sturdy and won’t break. I’ve used a wooden model in the past and it eventually broke from the weight of winter clothing. Plus, it’ll help you save on electricity by air drying your clothing which I find especially simple in the summer.


There you have it. Some of my favorite green laundry room ideas for endometriosis that are both good for the environment and good for your body’s healing. These products won’t leak toxins into the air, will clean your clothes and home and provide an all-in-one easy and simply laundry room experience.

Let’s make our laundry experience one of ease instead of one of stress and begin today. What is one change you can make to your current laundry routine? Which change makes you the most excited for your next trip to the washer? What is the worse part about your laundry routine?

Do you have favorite products and tricks to keep your laundry room green user friendly? Don’t forget to share below in the comments section!

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