30 Day Self Growth Challenge & Best Habits to Develop

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Completing a 30 day self growth challenge can be a major confidence booster not to mention a life changer. While it can be used to build up your stick-with-it muscle it can help you advance in the direction of your dreams. If you’re battling chronic health issues such as endometriosis or related challenges, now may be a good time to really focus on aspects of your life that will help alleviate symptoms from this condition. Need some ideas how? Continue reading.

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30 day self growth challenge

Things can feel pretty overwhelming when you are trying to feel better. Period. I certainly don’t have all of the answers but I do have years worth of trial and error about learning what helped me and has helped many other women. When you’re just starting out you may feel filled with endurance but once you hit an obstacle or two and feel like you’ve tried everything you may begin to burn out. If you haven’t healed, you probably don’t know what you don’t know.

Below I discuss some of what helped me the most on my endometriosis journey. The truth it, there was no magic bullet, just a lot of lifestyle changes that built upon each other and worked synergistically together.

Let’s jump in.

Start with your Why & Making 30day selfimprovement challenge Stick

When I first wanted to get healthier, I started researching as much as I could. Back then, there was pretty such the standard in endometriosis care: surgery, and not much else a doctor would recommend other than very intense pharmaceuticals. But there were success stories online about women who had beat the odds and healed as naturally as possible, lost the pain and even got pregnant naturally. While every women is different and we shouldn’t compare ourselves, I was hungry for all of the information coming from these women.

Now, it’s much more commonplace to find these stories online as the health trend and information age have advanced us common folk.

My why was that I wanted to get as healthy as possible to help my future self. For you, it might be different, more vague or specific. It doesn’t matter as long as you can feel it in your bones and it’s a challenge you accept wholeheartedly.

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Start with the End in Mind with 30 Day Challenges

When you start with the end in mind, you envision what you want your ideal life to look like? Sure, it may feel impossible at the time, but isn’t aiming for the stars better than the gutter? Don’t settle for things that make you feel bad.

There are a lot of different ways to go about this. For example, before starting a 30 days challenge for better life, you may want to dig deep about what needs change right now. I would recommend checking out my post (below) about how to unlock an ordered life. There you can find, download and print out my Life Flywheel that you can fill out. This will help you access your life and see where your cup runneth over and where you cuppeth is dry.

If you put all of your energy into your social life, but aren’t sleeping or feeling well, then maybe in your gut you realize you need a different balance. Only you can answer this. But doing an inventory will certainly help you start with the end in mind and think of good 30-day challenge ideas.

30 day self growth challenge

I highly recommend the book The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod if you are looking for some additional help with shifting your mindset in the self-improvement space. I read it after writing this initial post and found some helpful tidbits for my own mindset.

Posts helpful to reach your goals:

Do Some Research

One tenant of change that is important to me is credibility. Not every change I’ve ever done has been fully researched (by me) but most I’ve done a little bit of research on or sought the advice of a trusted medical professional.

I’m always learning and talking with others about these types of ideas. I’m always researching my claims after reading the latest medical research in medical journals.

One reason it’s so important to do your research is that it will help convince that part of you that gets lazy or easily derailed once you’ve made a commitment to change. Knowledge is power and will help you move the needle faster.

It also helps you have hope and realize that there just might be an answer to that burning question.

Do your research, inform yourself, make a decision and make a plan. That’s a great start to any challenge, even a 90 day self-improvement challenge perhaps down the road.

Get Accountable

I think we all know what accountability is right? It’s an imperative part of the self-improvement journey. 🙂

Here are just a few ways you could hold yourself accountable once you’ve pick a 30 day self growth challenge:

  • Do a challenge at the same time a friend is doing one and check-in with one another
  • Discuss resistance or derailment with a mentor
  • Talk with your significant other about your plan and ask for support
  • Listen to motivational speeches occasionally to keep you going
  • Practice guided visualization and meditation to help you reach your goals

The better you know yourself the more you’ll be able to stay accountable to your plan, but sometimes it’s just easier if we have social support. Build it into your 30 day self growth challenge.

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30 day self growth challenge

What are the Best Habits to Develop in a 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge?

These habits are good habits to practice in generally, but I would argue they’re pretty important for someone with endometriosis. For some reason, women with endo have a higher level of toxin accumulating in their bodies, typically have gut issues and food sensitivities, and feel fatigue. These were my experience as well and sometime I’ve researched in my blog posts (highlighted below each recommended habit).

(1) Going Gluten Free

There is compelling research that gluten found in most of the western world can trigger a woman with endo. I go into the why of this in my post (below) and it’s worth checking out if you haven’t. I found that my cramps lessened and my brain fog lessened the longer I was off gluten. You might consider this as an idea for your 30 day self growth challenge. Let me know how you feel in the comments section after 30 days.

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(2) Reduce or Eliminate Sugar

Eliminating or reducing sugar is another excellent way to improve your health and another possible 30 day self growth challenge. People who consume sugar can develop insulin resistance and not know it, and this insulin resistance can even lead to endometriosis. Sugar when overconsumed can wreak havoc on one’s body and cause a lot of damage in its own right. Reducing sugar can help reduce inflammation. I wrote an entire post about sugar here below that you can check out further.

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(3) Start A Bedtime Affirmations Practice

This practice can feel like a very cozy 30 day self growth challenge because it is so easy to do yet it really supports your mindset. Often, our minds can be swirling before bed and its important to feed it healthy thoughts. I wrote a whole post about the researched-backed benefits of doing positive affirmations, and even have a FREE PRINTABLE loaded with affirmations to use before bed so you never run out.

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(4) Start a Daily Gratitude Practice

Sometimes it can be hard to feel positive all of the time, but if you’re really feeling negative most of the time, please consider doing this practice as a part of your 30 day self growth challenge. I wrote a whole post (referenced below) about how to start a gratitude practice using an abc list, which is just one of many ways to approach this. When I start thinking about all I am grateful for, I snuff out those negative thoughts that only bring me down.

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(5) Start a Healing Bedtime Routine Practice

Sometimes, your whole bedtime routine needs an overhaul. Have you just gone through a lot of transitions or bumpiness in life? Chances are your bedtime routine isn’t as healthy as it could be. During a period in life when I was grieving, I started a bedtime routine to help give me structure and purpose. I began to actually enjoy it and the peace it brings having this type of routine before bed. You can read more about this idea for a 30 day self growth challenge in the post listed below.

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(6) Start Using Chemical Free Household Cleaning Products

It’s been researched and found that women with endometriosis have a higher concentration of toxins and dioxins in our bodies than the average gal. Nice, huh? Where did all of these dirty toxins come from? I go into this in the post below, and give you great tips for how to lessen you toxins at home.

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(7) Start Using Chemical Free Personal Products

I also researched toxins that can lead to endometriosis. There are actually personal products that are much healthier for your body than the average run-of-the-mill personal product. You can find my suggestions in my related post below. You can make this a 30 day self growth challenge by doing an inventory, making swaps and doing your own research. Of course, you could use my product recommendations to save time.

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(8) Start a Sustainable Living Practice for Free

If you are on a budget and want to begin to make changes to living a toxin free life FOR FREE, check out my post below. It will help you start to get ideas which you can then build your own 30 day self growth challenge.

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(9) Up Your Omega 3 Intake

I didn’t know a lot about the purpose and benefits of omega 3s in my diet until I began reading into an endometriosis diet. Fish can be very healing and reduce inflammation which is why they are so often recommended. But it’s the omega 3s in the fish that actually promote this healing. I wrote an entire post about the benefits of including well-sources omega 3s in your diet.

Trust me, I consume adequate amounts of omega 3s these days. It doesn’t even have to be from expensive fish…the humble sardine can do wonders for your skin and bones.

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30 day self growth challenge

(10) Develop a Nightly Castor Oil Routine

Castor oil is a wonderful remedy because it gently pulls toxins from the body. If you haven’t heard of this practice for endometriosis, you can read my helpful post below to get the introduction. You could make this practice a part of your 30 day self growth challenge and see how you feel afterwards. I personally like this castor oil brand with a pump.

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(11) Begin Meal Spacing

Meal spacing. It’s a great habit to start and keep but it isn’t always easy. I can really struggle with snacking in-between meals and as the title suggests, with this practice there is no snacking in between meals. Ha! 😉 I wrote a post on the importance of meal spacing for endometriosis, though which may lead you to use this habit as your go-to for healing. Are you up for the challenge?

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(12) Make Your Own Probiotic Rich Foods

Probiotics are a big buzzword, but for good reason. They are the good bacteria that help your gut do digestion better. While I have taken probiotics in the past, my first recommendation to you would be to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi or kefir (water) and build that into a 30 day self grown challenge. Why? Because it’s inexpensive (compared to pricey probiotics), it contains healthy probiotics through a natural fermentation process and it’s a good life skill to make your own.

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(13) Focus on Your Digestion

Yes, digestion and endometriosis are complicated friends. If you are very bloated, there is probably a reason for that that in part involved your digestions. Read my post below for ideas about how to take charge of your digestion and get au natural healing started. Love me some good digestion, ammiright? This is an area I focused for a 30 day self growth challenge and kept going.

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(14) Do a Daily Endometriosis Smoothie

Did you know that on most days of the week I can be found consuming a tasty little endometriosis smoothie? I give you one of my favorite recipes in the below post. This is a foundational way for me to get adequate fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, protein and other superfoods in my body as my first meal. They are easy for the body to digest, easy to transport and easy to make in bulk for subsequent days.

Instead of eating a high carb or high sugar breakfast which will leave you crashing a few hours later, try a nutritionally dense smoothie. Bonus, these ingredients also help reduce pain associated with endometriosis. An excellent use of a 30 day self growth challenge.

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Final Thoughts

I hope these ideas were good food for thought as you consider how to build out your best 30 day self growth challenge. Who knows, perhaps in the future you will even enjoy the benefits so much that you’ll stretch it out to a 100-day self-improvement challenge and reap the compounding benefits over time! I’d love to hear what you pick to focus on for your 30 days of new living!

30 day self growth challenge
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