Biophoton Therapy: The Super Simple Guide for 2022

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Never heard of biophoton therapy? Of the alternative healing light therapy modalities out there, it is definitely not one of the more well known forms. In fact, I would argue most people even in the field of holistic healing haven’t heard of this therapy.

But, it boasts of helping people heal from varying health issues and conditions holistically and easily. If a therapy can do all of this and more, why is it not more well known?

Let’s explore that further.

What is Biophoton Therapy?

Biophoton therapy is considered to be a lowintensity light therapy for cellular level healing of human body. Research studies have shown that therapies on the low-intensity spectrum can help boost APT (cellular energy production) and mitigate oxidative stress. Some promise has been shown in conditions such as delayed wound healing, stroke and chronic pain to name a few. (1)

How does the therapy work?

Each cell in the human body is thought to emit a small amount of energy, or frequency, throughout its lifecycle in accords with its purpose in the body. Healthy cells are thought to emit an expected frequency, indicating all is well in its processing, but sometimes cells begin to emit problematic frequencies during energetic expression that indicate an imbalance, creating the basis for disease. At least, this is the thought process behind biophoton therapy and its founder Dutch physicist Dr. Johan Boswinkel.

Boswinkel developed a machine called the Chiren®, a product said to test over 100 frequencies in the body for health or imbalance on the hands and feet where certain energy meridians are found.

This machine can interact with the frequencies in the body and neutralize chaotic frequencies and antidote them with the correct frequency. This process enables detoxification and feedback loops in the body to cycle out toxins and create new healthy feedback loops.

During a session, the patient would first be tested for unbalanced frequency emissions and then over the course of a few sessions receive the “treatment”. The points on the hands and feet are then tested to make sure the “treatment” holds in the body effectively.

This therapy may sound a bit far-fetched for some, leading to the question: is biophoton therapy just another new age gimmic? In a word, no. Biophoton therapy is a science based practice that helps with the treatment of many conditions through the natural restoration of the body’s natural frequency and innate immune system. There is no ideology behind the Chiren® machine, like is sometimes found in certain Chinese medicine practices which believe in the spiritual Tao. (Though, acupuncture can be separated from the ideology, as the practice of using needles to help with detoxification at the meridian points shares a similar understanding of the body.)

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My Personal Experience with Biophoton Light Therapy

I initially heard a first hand testimony of how a woman became healed from a devastating case of Lyme Disease after biophoton therapy treatments. After looking up the biophotonic therapy bpt specialist she used and studying the website, I determined it couldn’t hurt to get an opinion regarding my hormone imbalances and endometriosis.

The cost was moderate at $30 per session, much less than the acupuncture or chiropractic sessions, and the practitioner was in my region. (It turns out, there are not so many practitioners in the United States, so this was a nice finding).

The practicioner had me fill out a health survey ahead of time, indicating my reasons for seeking treatment and thought the therapy could help. He found several things other than were on my radar (which was meaningful, as I know a lot about my health and what to look for these days) and gave me the light treatment.

He said after the sessions I could expect a detox headache or fatigue for a day or so, and then should start feeling more energy. I did. I went for several sessions, and then again back a few months later for a check-in.

Since most of my issues are hormone related, and I track my basal body temperature as well as know my cycle really well, I was able to see some improvements over time. Though, I also started acupuncture a month after the biontology and began two different diets over the last few months as well.

Overall, I know some people also see improvements in their heavy metal levels, plastics and pesticides levels, exhaust fume levels, and many other things just from word of mouth. I highly recommend the therapy and hope to have more results to share over time.


Is biophoton therapy right for you? The word on the street is that it is almost miraculous for some and felt a bit gimmicky for others. While it is another possible healing modality, always use discernment with regard to your practitioner and any claims to offer complete healing – with endometriosis that would be a BIG claim. 😉


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