Castor Oil Packs for Endometriosis: Your Helpful Guide for 2024

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Castor oil packs for endometriosis is more than an old wives tale; in fact it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time and has become a rather widespread practice among women trying to alleviate symptoms associated with endometriosis or related symptoms.

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I began using castor oil packs after learning how helpful they are in detoxification. When placed over the liver, they can help the liver detoxify. Castor oil packs for endometriosis seemed a little weird at first but over time they just became a part of my routine. I noticed when I used castor oil over my belly at night, I seemed to have less bloating from water retention.

My acupuncturist also encouraged me to do castor oil packs to help with blood flow as it can help reduce stagnation and clotting.

Castor Oil for Endometriosis – The Ultimate Guide

There are many good oils that support the body, but castor oil is a little bit different from your usual healthy oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. Castor oil (Ricinus communis) is also called castor bean. It is considered to be a medicinal oil and is grown for its pharmaceutical properties thought it also has many commercial uses including in paints, varnishes, cosmetics, and plastics. (The unprocessed castor seeds are actually poisonous and should never be used). It has been recorded in medical writings (known as Papyrus Ebers) from as early as 1550 B.C. in Egypt for use in treating health issues.

Castor oil is most commonly known as a cathartic, or, a medicine that causes the bowels to be purged. Yep, old school laxative.

There are also many benefits to using castor oil for endometriosis. Let’s jump into that next.

How do you use castor oil for endometriosis?

In endometriosis, castor oil is primarily used in the form of castor oil packs externally on the abdomen .

Castor oil is used with great benefit externally, in a poultice, to dissolve and draw out cysts, tumors, warts, growths, and other toxic accumulations. It also has an emollient effect and will help soften and remove scars. (1)

That information is important enough to support a quote! If you are dealing with ovarian cysts, endometriomas, unexplained growths on your ovaries (probably endometriomas) or have the need for additional blood flow to the pelvic cavity, then this is a great holistic solution. Also, if you’ve had the laparoscopy, or several surgeries, you are dealing with scarring and probably internal scar tissue. (1) These are great reasons to be using castor oil for endometriosis.

But wait, there’s more! Research backs up the castor oil claim that it can help with pain and inflammation, hormone imbalance, regulate white blood cell count and improve cholesterol levels. Castor oil helps the lymph to move sending toxic cells out of the body, which is helpful in the lower abdomen because it is more difficult for blood flow to fully circulate and oxygenate this area.

It doesn’t help that many of us have desk jobs or sit for long periods of time thereby reducing circulation and blood flow even more. Castor oil can help with the healing of tissue if used over time and with increased circulation.

Castor oil can help other conditions, too, such as any hormone imbalance, autoimmune conditions and infertility. The action is the same and can help multiple issues at once.

How do you use castor oil for endometriosis?

If you are struggling with any of those types of issues, castor oil could help. Here is a very simple guide for how to use castor oil to make castor oil pack:

  1. Soak a fabric compress with castor oil and apply one or more times per day to the affected area for one or two hours. In this case, the affected area would be your lower abdomen and/or liver. The fabric you choose should be soft and absorbent and will help the castor oil from staining any surfaces it comes into contact with.
  2. Add a water bottle on top of this fabric compress. This will really open up the vascular network and help prime the area for circulation.
  3. You may consider using essential oils during this time. I specifically recommend certain essential oils for endometriosis in my post. I use these when I use castor oil pack by making a little mixture and mixing it in with the castor oil.
  4. You may or may not finish with an abdominal massage (more on this below). It’s recommended to perform this massage only after loosening up the tissues with castor oil and a hot water bottle for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Note: It’s best not to use a castor oil pack during your period. For some women, this will make the blood flow too fast or heavy. If you already have heavy periods, you don’t want them to become heavier. Castor oil is very gentle and can be used if you have pain, clotting or a very light flow. I would recommend consulting with your doctor or acupuncturist for additional feedback on using it during your period.

Abdominal Massage After Castor Oil Pack

Massage of your lower abdomen is not something you should attempt without a little bit of knowledge. The practice is said to help increase circulation, move the lymph, decrease stress, and increase the immune system. The practice is also said to help infertility such as from scar tissue and blocked fallopian tubes and tension.

Raise your hand if you hold your tension in your stomach? When you stop and think about this, you might hold your tension in your abdomen more than you think – like during the entire day! This massage will help you become more conscious about where you hold your tension, how to breathe deeply so you bring oxygen to your abdomen better and help reposition your organs in their correct space.

How to proceed if you want this massage?

1 – Find a trained Arvigo massage therapist in abdominal massage. I have not had one of these types of massages but I have heard of people feeling wonderful after the experience.

2 – Heather Rodriquez with Natural Fertility Info provides a self-abdominal massage cd. She is a trained massage therapist and runs I don’t receive a commission for sharing this but think you will find it helpful. The video teaches you how to perform a self-abdominal massage. It is titled as a fertility massage but it is helpful for anyone with issues of the reproductive area. The video also teaches you some basic acupressure points that are helpful for your issues.

By the way, massage for endometriosis in general can greatly offer relief for ongoing pain and stress.

My favorite products for diy castor oil pack for endometriosis

You might be asking what products are the best if you haven’t done packs of castor oil for endometriosis before. Or, even if like me you have, you might need an upgrade in your materials. Cool ideas and improvements are always coming onto the market. Let’s dive into my personal favorite products for caring for your detoxing body.

1- Organic Castor Oil

If you’re going to be putting heated oil on your body, it is best to choose organic so as not to introduce additional toxins through pesticides. Mountain Top castor oil is organic, cold pressed and has a pump on the top. It’s a good product and one I can recommend because I also own it.

2 – Castor Oil Pack

castor oil pack for endometriosis
castor oil pack for convenience

These nifty little contraptions are way more advanced than what I learned to use. I used an old washcloth for my castor oil packs and it became the designated castor oil washcloth because the oil never quite came out in between washes. When I would put the plastic on top and then the hot water bottle on top of that, I would need to be careful that nothing fell down the side.

But these are cool because you can simply put the castor oil on your skin and then strap this on and simply place a hot water bottle on top (if you desire). It’s much easier to sleep with one of these than a towel that will go all over the place over the night. If you plan on using castor oil packs frequently like it’s recommended, I just wanted you to see these as a fun little option.

3 – Hot Water Bottle

I was in my late twenties before I discovered the hot water bottle. Don’t be like me, get one much sooner. They are great not only for period cramps but for muscle pulls, aches and pains and even for putting on your feet in the winter at night. (Raise your hands if you get cold feet often! Not uncommon with endometriosis). I used one frequently after my surgeries because my temperature had a hard time regulating and I needed to be much warmer than usual.

This one is BPA free, odor free and comes with a little sweater making it more comfortable than just bare plastic. It’s also a great deal.

4 – Feminine Relief Patch with Essential Oils

castor oil for endometriosis and essential oil patch
Pain relief for endometriosis with essential oil patch

This is such a wonderful product for cramp relief, I wanted to make sure to share it with you. You wouldn’t use it during your castor oil for endometriosis session but it is a great way to get additional natural relief during your busy day. It is also a great way to get additional essential oils on your skin without making a mess. The smell doesn’t hurt, either.

What to expect after castor oil pack?

The use of castor oil should not be thought of as a quick fix for pain or for immediate healing. It can be used daily (usually, not during menstruation) for months until you notice a shift in your cycle, bloating, and period.

As you begin to make lifestyle changes, you may also want to learn how to take optimal care of your digestion as poor digestion can also lead to bloating. (Check with your health care practitioner before starting any new healing regime).


Overall, I hope you found out more about castor oil for endometriosis and its benefits. The practice might not sound super exciting or easy before you start, but once you start you’ll just get into the habit and you might even enjoy the extra time pampering yourself. Self-care is important especially if endometriosis has got you down.

If you are on an extremely tight budget, I would say the products are all negotiable except quality castor oil. If you have some wiggle room, the hot water bottle is my next pick. If you are having cramps on a more regular basis, you definitely should consider purchasing your own essential oils or checking out the feminine essential oil patch. Don’t stay in pain – do something to help yourself! You got this.

Castor oil for endometriosis is not the only solution, but it has enough longevity as a practice and enough good results that I considered it important to share. I am trying to share all of the things I did to help eliminate my endometriosis pain and regain a functional menstrual cycle. It is possible. Even after the long road of pain. 🙂

Have you tried castor oil packs for endometriosis? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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