The Magic of Cottagecore: Healing Through 20 Practical Ways

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If you are newer to the cottagecore movement, you’ll want to learn about this trend and how embracing it can be healing. Healing holistically is the name of the game around here at A Pain in the Endo where we’ve felt anything but healed at times. Many of you will know more about cottagecore than you might realize, especially if you read Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables or The Secret Garden as children. These books, while quaint and perhaps inspiring a dose of ethereal beauty amidst otherwise harsh environs, provide many of useful tips and tricks for those of us trying to live more holistically and sustainably. Read on and find out why…


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My mom read the Little House on the Prairie series to me when I was a small child, and I could listen for hours as she recounted the life of Laura, Mary, Pa and Ma Ingles. These days, I re-read these books as perhaps a form of escape but one where I’m encouraged to learn and think about the very real life scenarios Laura and her family encountered living rurally.

I recognize how advanced society has become and how blessed we are in many ways, but I also recognize the wisdom and ingenuity of a people who had to figure things out with their brains, largely on their own.

Have we really come so far?

What can cottagecore teach us?

What is Cottagecore?

This movement can be described as a movement based upon the coming-of-age of young women in rural environments, historically in the English countryside. Though there are many other just as relevant definitions that help to define the priorities of this movement and that strike a chord with the modern person.

Folks, does this sound like sustainable living? Living off grid and homesteading to you? There seem to be some parallels which into some undercurrents of modern life.

What are some of these defining elements of modernday cottagecore?

In no certain order:

  • Revolves around the notion of simple living in the countryside
  • This rural living requires a modicum of self-reliance and the ability to amuse oneself for entertainment
  • Elements of solitude along with the joy at community and homecoming
  • Understanding nature, gardening, the properties of plants and foraging
  • Simple pleasures
  • Emphasis on utilizing skills such as making and repairing one’s clothing, making one’s own food such as bread and utilizing food from one’s garden – elevating the domestic life to one of beauty and purpose
  • Usually involves a sense of whimsy, yearning for something beautiful to be cherished, and dreaming dreams

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Cottage Fairy- A Real Life Example

The popular YouTube channel known as Cottage Fairy helped me to uncover my lost love for this genre, though I didn’t know it at the time when I stumbled upon her channel. I initially found this channel’s presentation of simple beauty and nature scenes to be a refreshing break for the more catchy and flashy vlogs we might be more used to.

But akin to the beauty this artist creates in her daily life, what resonated with me the most was her self-reliance in domestic living.

I too had over the years discovered simple pleasures (and natural health benefits) in consuming natural tea, foraging edibles in nature, repurposing items, growing vegetables, making homemade meals and loving house plants and wildflowers.

I had found that this pace and focus most supported me in my healing journey and gave me what my spirit was desperately lacking from modern society.

Cottage Fairy is a bit-o-magic to watch. Highly recommend.

Thank you, Cottage Fairy, for encouraging all of us in the healing community to slow down, appreciate where we are in our journey, and practice living with beauty and devotion.

Traits of this Trend

What are some traits of this trend?

Shopping vintage and second-hand clothing, diy projects, and homemade furniture. Just to name a few.

Below I’ll just make note of a few of these highlights. (Inspiration!)

Cottagecore Aesthetics

The look varies widely, though it can be both beautiful, well-crafted and highly functional.

Cottagecore Style

While one item here or there may not connote a cottage look, a mindset towards re-used, functional, practical and beautiful tend to trend.

Vintage white lantern for candles.

Cottagecore Fashion

Cottagecore designs and style embrace beauty but also making-do.

Cottagecore Clothes

This fashion aesthetic usually involves clothing made from natural fibers, a natural weave, dresses and/or thrift inspiration. While not always, colors may include pastels, rich browns, and greens as in found in nature.

Cottagecore Interior Design

Cottagecore interiors can contain quaint, vintage items that are very useful for sustainable living. For example, Cottage Fairy utilizes a lovely scissors mount that looks vintage and cast iron and finds unique items from local thrift stores. Often times, interiors may also be made of natural resources, such as wood outfitted homes and other handcrafted items.

Cottagecore furniture: This beautiful little table is handmade from cedar root and beautifully exemplifies the theme of simple living.

cottagecore cedar wood table

Kitchen usefulness: I love these unique wooden kitchen serving utensils found on Amazon’s small business store Bobby Creativity which sources handmade artisan products like this one. (Below: handmade artisan wooden spoons). They have nature-based elements both in the materials used and in the design element.

cottagecore wood spoons

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Why Is Cottagecore A Pathway to Healing?

This type of lifestyle can be entirely healing because when you take many of the elements and build components into your life, it’s another way to add healing dimensions to your life.

The issues that so many of us have, such as fatigue, pain, overwhelm, etc. can at least find relief in lifestyle changes. Read on to learn more.

What are 20 Practical Ways to Healing Through Cottagecore?

Holistic healing can refer to how one takes care of their inner and outer world, physiologically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Next, we’ll explore how some of the key tenants of the cottage movement can spur positive growth in and around you for healing.

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice but experiential thoughts.

Here are 20 practical ways towards healing with the core-o-cottage movement:

(1) Embrace Your Individuality

In a world where everyone copies each other, learn to embrace your individuality. This movement thrives on making do, thrifting, and putting together unique items to get the job done. Your version of this might not look like anything else you’ve seen, and that’s the point.

(2) Plant-Based Medicine

Learn all you can about plants and their uses. Chamomile, lavender and dandelion can be easily grown in containers or your backyard and each have medicinal uses used for ages.

(3) Homecooked Meals

Not only will you save money and reduce your toxic load but preparing meals is a creative process that can be relaxing. If you don’t have time, try preparing your meals in bulk on the weekends. I eat like a queen even on a small grocery budget because I’ve leaned my way around the kitchen.

(4) Foraging

Learn about wild edibles in your region. In my state, paw paws and persimmons are plentiful if you know where to forage or if you can identify that tree on your property dropping ‘stuff.’ (That was supposed to be funny, ha). This can feel like a treasure hunt, bring a sense of adventure to your time and help you understand available resources.

(5) Toxin Free Living

Living more simply, closer to the earth will naturally reduce your chemical intake. This has been known to help women with endometriosis and other chronic health issues. (Leaving aside chemical pollution in our world, le sigh).

(6) Natural Materials

Get to know natural materials and build a hobby around processing them. Granted, yes, this is a time-intensive one, but if you have the time why not? A woman who lives in a cottage in the isles near England makes soap from her goat’s milk and from herbs grown in her garden. Can you learn how to make candles from beeswax? This challenge also hits on the clean living note, by reducing toxins from exposure to manufactured items.

(7) Use Indoor Plants

Using plants indoors can help reduce pollutants and allergens plus they are beautiful and promote optimism.

(8) Solitude

Taking some time for yourself helps you get to know yourself more, helps to build your own identity and can really juice up your creativity and energy.

(9) Journaling

Having more time for processing emotions, feelings, fears and dreams can be a way to renew yourself.

(10) Self-Determinism

Think life is hard? Life teaches us to be resourceful and make our own way in life. This is a common theme in this movement.

(11) Creative Arts

Devleop a mindset embracing flow – that place where time flies and your creativity awakens. This can be done through picking up a creative arts hobby, even if you aren’t ‘good at art.’ They say “the artist in you is what survived your childhood.”

(12) Vegetable Gardens

Whether for fun, necessity, frugality or cravings, this bit of diy can provide tasty rewards for your labor. Get to know nature, dirt and pollinators. Your life will never be the same.

(13) Beekeeping

This extremely practical hobby ensured those in rural life had something sweet at the ready. This lesson can also help promote pollination in your garden and raw honey from local areas is said to promote antimicrobial properties.

(14) Community Ties

Foster a sense of community wherever you are with people you call family and friend. Help each other out and learn from one another. Plus, many hands can make light work in your projects.

(15) Skill-Based Entertainments

A few of these have been covered, but what about entertainment such as Pa Ingles playing his violin for his immediate and extended families for a bedtime routine or a dance? Contrary to popular belief, some of the best entertainments are those you create yourself and/or with others.

(16) Skill Development

This has to do with mindset as much as anything else, but if you are facing obstacles, are there skills you need to learn to reach your goals? This movement teaches resilience and resourcefulness. Mopers need not apply.

(17) Await Occasions

Sometimes life will be boring or monotonous, but be patient and await occasions and enjoy them when they appear.

(18) Opportunism

Do you know a good opportunity when you see one? What about when it snows, did you think about making diy ice cream from it? Did some seed begin sprouting in your garden as a volunteer? Is the sunset worthy of a dinnertime picnic?

(19) Relationship with Nature

Many of us, myself included grew up with a love of being outside but still know little about the cycles of the moon, how to spot a constellation, or how to milk a cow. Seek out ways to connect with nature and learn about natural processes.

(20) Deep Awareness

This movement is simplicity and beauty at heart, and focuses on what is practical but also dreams dreams. You’ll notice a craving for learning and openness to living as well as an awareness of people, places and things. Less noise and more attention span can really help one’s awareness.


I hope you found this helpful as you think about ways you might want to incorporate the healing properties of cottage core into your future plans!

What sounds the most interesting to you?

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