Endometriosis Care Package – 3 Beautiful Gift Sets

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The decision to put together an endometriosis care package may have just struck you after seeing a family member recover from surgery or have a hard time dealing with ongoing chronic pain. Perhaps you are putting the care package together for yourself (hey, no judgement here). You want to find items that will actually brighten the person’s day and provide some helpful utility as well.

Look no further and learn about some truly inspiring care packages that won’t let you down.

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What Does the Best Endometriosis Care Package Include?

Thoughtful gifts for someone with endometriosis will not go unappreciated. Chances are, your friend or family member has been silently suffering for quite sometime. It can be difficult to explain what endometriosis can do to ones life and it is a very sensitive subject that most women don’t want to openly share with you.

Perhaps this endometriosis care package will be in preparation for surgery, or a surgery care package, or even a post-surgery package. What are some items that will help this gal?

  • Something cozy
  • Something that smells nice
  • Something to help the body heal
  • Something encouraging
  • Something that helps you stay warm

After my surgeries, I felt a lot of pain and discomfort physically, wooziness from pain meds, and I loved each and every card I received, person that visited, or gift people sent. I wasn’t expecting much because I didn’t tell too many people about the nature of my surgery, but I’ll never forget how down and out surgery made me feel and how the smallest gesture meant the world at that time.

I also remember how cold I felt at times, how uncomfortable I felt, how my skin was so wonky for months afterwards and how much I loved (and needed) blankets and pillows.

(1) Recovery “Big Hugs” Care Package

endometriosis care package

This care package would be great as an endometriosis care package because it is full of uplifting words to see all day long. Your friend will see the powerfully inspiring words on het drink mug, blanket tote bag and greeting card while wrapped in her warm blanket.

These things are all definitely something someone not feeling well will use right away.

The Set Includes:

  • Canvas Tote Bag with Inspiring Words
  • Fluffy Socks
  • Insulated Tumbler with Inspiring Words
  • Sherpa Fleece Full-Sized Blue Blanket with Inspiring Words
  • Greeting Card
  • Satin Eye Mask

Price Tag:


Big Hugs Care Package Benefits:

  • The inspiring words are sure to warm your friend’s heart long after you leave
  • Feeling comforted and warm is so important when not feeling well, and this care package has that covered
  • When your friend starts to feel better, she’ll have a special tote to bring with her wherever she goes
  • If she needs to sleep while it’s still light out (highly probable) an eye mask can be helpful.

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(2) Pamper Yourself Care Package

endometriosis care pakcage

There are so many reasons why I love this care package for women with endometriosis, as a post-surgery endometriosis care package, or for anyone needing to give their self care a boost.

The set includes:

  • Moisturising Oat and Honey soap
  • Deep Sleep Pillow Mist
  • Deep Relaxation Bath Bomb Bar
  • Orange and Bergamot Soy Wax Candle (50 hour burn time)
  • Lavender and Shea Butter Body Scrub
  • Lavender Bath Salts

Price tag:


Body Pamper Benefits:

  • You can use it to help dry, itchy or flaky skin pre-surgery and definitely post-surgery. (Keep those scars moisturized to alleviate as much scarring as possible.)
  • If you are able to bathe, or when you are able to, gently using a body scrub will make your skin feel so soft and clean. (After surgery, I had a hard time energy-wise in the shower and bathing was out of the question until my wounds healed closed. But as I healed, I was able to gently exfoliate which was so great.)
  • These products smell amazing and use relaxing lavender, bergamot, uplifting orange, soothing honey and oat.
  • Gently massage scars with endo belly cream (shea butter included)
  • Created by a family owned small business
  • Organic and natural ingredients used
  • Full-sized products are included, not tiny sample sized ones.
  • Phenomenol gift packaging
  • Phenomenal smell – many benefits of aromatherapy on healing

Hm, should you order this endometriosis care package for yourself as well? 😉

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(3) Weighted Heating Pad for Head and Neck

endometriosis care package

Ok, this isn’t exactly a gift set, but it’s a pretty awesome gift in and of itself. After my surgery, I had a lot of temperature regulating problems. Meaning, I was usually colder than everyone else anyways even before surgery, but after surgery I needed heat desperately. I basically lived with a hot water bottle on my legs just to keep me comfortable while laying on the couch under a bunch of blankets.

That’s why this weighted heating pad for the head and neck is so wonderful. It’s like a weighted blanket endometriosis life saver for your shoulders. The area that can be tense after surgery is the head and neck. Heck, I’m usually tense there anyways and so are many people. Warmth inducing gifts are great in an endometriosis care package.

Price Tag:

It’s currently $39.99 on sale.

Heating Pad Benefits:

  • Four heat settings
  • Timer settings
  • Stone seed for evenly distributed heat
  • Plush liner for comfort
  • Easy to use on the couch or while you work sitting up
  • Machine washable

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Not feeling well from chronic health issues, from surgery or from something else can be hard topics to address with your average stranger or acquaintance. But sometimes it’s ok to ask for help and care from those in your circle.

I hope this will inspire you to reach out to a friend who isn’t’ feeling her best and be a friend. It will make all the difference.

Please share your favorite gift care packages received or given in the comments. What is something you love to receive when you aren’t feeling well?

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