The Best Essential Oils for Endometriosis in 2023

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While you may be using natural scents for various reasons, do you know the best essential oils for endometriosis? There are in fact certain oils that have healing properties specifically for symptoms associated with endometriosis. It took me awhile to figure out the best ones, even though many scents smell great regardless.

In this post I’ll be covering the oils typically known for their aromatherapy benefits. While there are other essential oils for endometriosis, such as the correct balance between your omega 3, 6, and 9s etc., this is not where we’ll cover those kinds of essential oils.

Essential oils have long been used for health promotion. Even during the Roman Empire those lucky enough to be able to afford this luxury would use essential oils for aches, pains, sickness and libido (1). In the Bible, Mary Magdalen poured expensive nard oil over Jesus’s feet and used her hair to dry them (2). Traditional Chinese medicine has been using plant for healing for millennia.

A recent 2020 research study on essential oils found that essential oils may help to balance women’s hormones without side effects that might cause infertility or birth defects. Another recent study found that there are many benefits to essential oils but they can become endocrine disrupters if misused. Essential oils contain powerful plant compounds that can improve the human condition but can have the opposite effect if certain plants are not used correctly.

Essential oils can also be used in massage to reduce period pain. In a study where women received massage using essential oils the women reported a significant reduction in period pain during the next cycle.

If you are interested in more plant based medicine, check out my posts on herbal teas part one and herbal teas part two for endometriosis. My mostly plant based endometriosis smoothie recipe can be found here.

What are the best essential oils for endometriosis?

essential oils for endometriosis
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1 – Clary Sage Essential Oil for Endometriosis

Clary sage oil


This is the exact clary sage essential oil that I use and I’m happy with it. It is considered therapeutic grade, meaning there is a strong enough potency and not filled with other stuff, as well as organic. Organic is important to essential oil quantity because you don’t want to be rubbing oil on your abdomen and accidentally spread pesticides into your body. The high oil concentration would likely mean a higher pesticide concentration, too.

Clary sage is well regarded as a hormone balancer, helps increase circulation and can help improve mood and reduce stress (1). Clary sage helps to kill candida and is known to reduce menstrual pain when used in massage oil. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help the kidneys, adrenals and reproductive organs (1).


  • Balances hormones
  • Increases circulation
  • Pain reliever for period cramps
  • Helps cause cell death in candida
  • Improves mood
  • Stress relief

Bottom Line

Clary sage is a well regarded essential oil for women experiencing menstrual irregularities, pain and discomfort. If you haven’t tried it yet, it may be my number one recommendation as far as essential oil for endometriosis is concerned.

2- Holy Basil Essential Oil for Endometriosis


Holy Basil is also called tulsi in India. Holy basil is an adaptogen and can respond to the body’s needs in excess or deficiency. It has been shown to improve memory and cognition reducing anxiety and depression, insomnia and headaches (1).


  • Balances hormones
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Helps with adrenal fatigue
  • Helps with hypothyroidism

Bottom Line

Holy Basil, or tulsi, is a commonly used herb throughout the world to relieve stress, help rebalance the body after stress and help reduce a host of symptoms. For the purposes of this website, I highlight the effects on PMS, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. These conditions may also be associated with endometriosis.

3 – Cypress Essential Oil for Endometriosis


Cypress contains certain compounds that protect the liver. In a study the compounds cosmoslin, caffeic acid and p-coumaric acid have been shown to help rid the body of excess toxins and stop free radicals from destroying cells. Cypress has also been shown to have anti-bacterial properties as well as helps to reduce cramps. Further, as an aromatic it helps to improve the mood and reduce anxiety. Cypress should not be used in pregnancy and apparently can even serve as a contraceptive so be careful if you are trying to conceive.


  • Restores a sense of calm
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Helps to detox the liver
  • Helps reduce cramps

Bottom Line

Cypress has many benefits for those with premenstrual tension, as it can help reduce tension and anxiety, detoxify the liver and reduce muscle spasms. It may be used as aromatherapy or used with a carrier oil on the skin, but caution should be used for pregnant women.

4 – Geranium Essential Oil for Endometriosis

smells beautiful, too


Geranium oil comes from a fragrant flower. Its latin name is pelargonium graveolens. Similar to some of the other essential oils listed in this post, geranium is popular for women with endometriosis because it helps with inflammation, hormone balancing, tension and anxiety. It also helps the kidneys process urine and is known for its diuretic behavior. (1)

Amazingly, research published in 2020 found that geranium essential oil and lemon essential oil prevent THE VIRUS from entering one’s body because of its anti-viral properties.


  • Lower inflammation
  • Relieves PMS, tension and anxiety
  • Helps balance the hormones
  • Natural diuretic

Bottom Line

Geranium is another great essential oil for your toolbox of natural remedies. It is a tried and true essential oil that helps the body in many additional ways not even mentioned here in detail, such as a muscle toner and facial tonic. This is my second favorite essential oil after clary sage for endometriosis.


Essential oils are an amazing way to incorporate natural healing into your lifestyle. The oils, derived from natures pharmacy, contain many unique compounds that make up a unique formula for various health maladies. In this post, I covered four of my favorite essential oils for endometriosis that are researched to have a healing effect on various conditions related to endometriosis. Some of the main symptoms they can treat include pain, spasms, anxiety, tension and depression. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your home remedy arsenal but it’s a good start to begin feeling better.

Do you use essential oils? Which are your favorite and what do they help you with? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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