How to Find the Good in the Bad: 5 Easy Endometriosis Life Skills

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Would you always find the good in the bad if you put your mind to it? It can be really hard sometimes but once you begin to evaluate certain life situations, and some time has passed, most of us can see at least some good in bad situations. Some of my hardest life experiences came because of issues I was having with my physical body, my mindset or a combination of both. Having endometriosis was the hard nudge that really caused me to take a step back and evaluate absolutely everything in my life. And in doing that, I actually learned a few things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

find the good in the bad

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It’s been around 7 years since my endometrioma was first discovered, but looking back I had symptoms of endometriosis and organ dysfunction for a whole lot longer. I think back to my first period and the years afterwards in high school, and realize that my cycle wasn’t so great even back then.

If I could go back and make changes then, things may not have gotten so out of hand and complicated my life so much. But I can’t. I think that’s why my drive is so strong to share my story with other ladies out there to start making your period health a priority and get educated on what is going to help your body.

I am still learning about what causes endometriosis in the first place, and what I’m learning is astounding. I’m going through specialized treatment with a doctor and once my rather simple treatment is complete, I’ll have even more to share so stay tuned. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever uncovered before. So while I am skeptical I also have strong feels.

But I digress.

Today, let’s dig into some of what my journey with endometriosis has taught me. Who knows, maybe it will help you either be prepared and make life changes now to avoid some of the worst of endometriosis, or heal wherever you’re at.

Let’s jump in.

Finding the Good in the Bad Life Skill

There is always good in bad meaning if we wait long enough, we can find the good in any situation even if we decide to make the good happen. We all know that there are some bad situations that are just bad but overtime we can overcome by focusing on living our lives in the best way we know how.

So, how do you find the good in the bad? How do you find the good in every situation?

For me, a lot of times being in bad situations provides wisdom. Through this painful situation, your little wisdom antennae are alert for gathering information so next time you avoid it or know how to deal with it in a better way. Sometimes I would get so bored feeling the same negative feelings that I just finally let go of whatever it was that triggered those feelings. If you pay attention, you can make space for the good during or after the bad experience.

Below I share my top ways that my endometriosis journey opened my eyes to some good in the process.

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Having Severe Endometriosis and Organ Dysfunction Dragged Me on a Journey That Opened My Eyes

Life Skill #1: It opened my eyes to proper nutrition

Having advanced endometriosis meant that I also had a few other stellar features going on some of which were bloating, poor digestion, fatigue, bad PMS, and dull skin. Once I opened my eyes to the world of healthy nutrition I never looked back. I did try many different types of diets and eventually found one that I will mostly stick with. I figured out what my trigger foods were, what my body liked and how to feel my best. Sadly, I don’t think I would have done my homework on this without having severed endometriosis. I was addicted to sugar and carbs and had little incentive to give those up. Healing became my incentive and I gained so many good feelings as a result.

Life Sill #2: It opened my eyes to my priorities

Saying that in my twenties I squandered my time on useless things wouldn’t actually be fair to the inner growth and development that was taking place. But when I got an actual scary feeling diagnosis in my early thirties, the nonsense started to fall away. I began prioritizing time to make these nutrition and lifestyle changes and that meant I had less time to spend on things that didn’t make me feel good. I began to really, really enjoy my time to myself. I was only sorry that I had waited to long to give myself this gift.

Life Skill #3: It opened my eyes to making choices about my future

This goes along with #2 up there. I began to really think about the kind of life I was living, what felt to be missing, and where God was calling me. My vision of my future while not crystal clear began to take subtle shape. It was in these years that I met and recognized my future husband, made vocation decisions, stepped into my own confidence and matured quite a bit. This lens that developed helped me filter the good for me from the not so good for me. I also grieved about things from my past that I saw now through this new light.

(Disclaimer: I do not mean to say I made perfect decisions every time or knew exactly what I was doing, but just that my priorities became much more clear and I started to lose the FOMO (fear of mission out) mentality I had developed.)

Life Skill #4: It opened my eyes about the Westernized healthcare system

I utilized the Western healthcare system for my entire life but I saw that it couldn’t deeply help me through this endometriosis. It could cut it away but it couldn’t heal what made the endometriosis come in the first place. I began to pour over what had worked for others and began seeing small shifts health wise.

Life Skill #5: It opened my eyes about suffering and compassion

While I became more aware of my own feelings and sufferings at this time, I began to better understand better what someone goes through who has never ending health ailments from a physical and emotional side. I began to see what I needed and what I could better give from and to others.

How to Find the Good in Your Own Situation

Do these life skills resonate with you at all? What life skills have your health ailments and sufferings taught you? Share and bring it to the comments section!

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