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first period gift ideas

A girl’s first period is a milestone she will likely not soon forget. Gifts for first period mark the milestone and help her feel prepared. Creating a special period gift box can make her memory that much more special.

gifts for first period

I remember my first period well. I knew that it could be coming, because my mom and I had talked about it. It seemed like the longer it took to arrive, the more of a lead I had that it would come. I was in the 7th grade. I didn’t realize that some girls started at age 10 – that would have put them in the 5th grade. My friends didn’t talk about that sort of thing back then, so it felt like a largely isolated experience. Like I was the only one dealing with this strange new thing. But we all were.

I remember feeling a bit embarrassed, and hassled even, about having to take care of things back in grade school. It was like navigating a strange new land. Somehow, I navigated and it became no big deal. Overall, I want girls to realize it’s a beautiful milestone, not anything to be embarrassed about.

To accomplish this, what are some positive gifts for first period?

Gifts for First Period

gifts for first period

With this beautiful milestone at the forefront of your mind, what would you put in a girls first period box for someone you know? A younger sister, perhaps, or a friend, daughter, or niece?

A First Period Kit

A kit or a first period gift basket is a great way to help her prepare for her first period. It is my favorite gifts for first period because it gets down to the basics. She may not use all of them right away, but they will help her feel prepared and confident when it does arrive. This will save her a little bit of hassle as she has everything she needs when it starts. Here are some items that I would include in this starter kit:

  • Pantyliners
  • Pads of various absorbencies (light, regular, overnight)
  • Special pouch to fill with pads that can fit in her purse
  • Car kit (basically, a mini version of this kit, to put in your car or the car she is in the most)
  • Hot water bottle
  • Period underwear (more on this below)
  • Essential oils such as peppermint for tiredness and/or cramps
  • Books about a woman’s period

First Period Jewelry

A special piece of jewelry can signify to the girl that she has reached an important milestone in her life and things will be different going forward. Buy her a piece of jewelry with a mother-of-pearl stone or a pearl.

She is the pearl of great price, and also a pearl is found as a treasure in oyster shells. This pearl also looks like a moon which has cyclical cycles that our bodies tune up with – both are typically 28 days.

First Period Gift for Daughter

Period tracker. One of the best gifts my mom gave me was the ability to track my period. She gave me a little calendar that I could use as a period tracker.

gifts for first period

Treat her to a spa day. This can encourage her to remember to take care of herself and her physical, mental and emotional needs both during and after this special time of the month.

Make her a special meal. Not only is it nurturing, and we tend to do the tend and befriend thing, it will help teach her to treat the experience as something important to pay attention to.

Let her take the day off. I read that some women got to have a holiday when their period started, a holiday from school for a few hours or a day and that it really was meaningful. This was not something I ever would have been encouraged or allowed to do, but is taking a day off during this big milestone a possibility?

First Period Celebration Ideas

Now, no one I knew celebrated their period. In fact, many of you like me may have loathed your periods because of the pain or other aspect of them. But by celebrating it, we can actually encourage gratitude for this totally normal body process that allows for our fertility and health.

gifts for first period

Here is a list of things you could do at a first period celebration:

  • Invite a small group of people important to her
  • Plan a special meal
  • Spend some time in nature or doing some fun activity

Some girls do not want this kind of attention, though, so make sure to check in with her in case she’d rather not celebrate it in this way.

Gifts for First Period: Underwear First Period Kit

What is period underwear and is it useful for gifts for first period?

gifts for first period

Period underwear is made of absorbable material that claims to reduce the need for pads. There are reviews and disclaimers stating the need for another layer of protection, such as a pantyliner or even a pad or menstrual cup in the cases of heavy periods.

In that case, I’m not sure how much regular underwear differs from this period underwear.

There are several brands, though, with tons of rav reviews, including Thinx and Nix.

I’m not at a point where I want to recommend these, though I did want to mention then. Here is why I’m hesitant to recommend them:

  1. I haven’t used them myself, and I like to endorse products I’ve tried and liked
  2. I can’t imagine wearing a soggy pair of underwear from a full day out and about. Even if there are no leaks, which can be problematic for those with heavier periods, I’m concerned about the smell and the comfort factor.
  3. I personally would have to do laundry pretty darn quickly after taking those things off. Who wants to keep several pairs of period underwear in their hamper?

Am I missing something? If you’ve tried period underwear and absolutely love it, I’d love to hear from you. Make me a believer!


Gifts for first period for the ladies in your life can be helpful as both a means of preparation and celebration. It is a practical way to show care and support.

What would you give as gifts for first period? Leave the comments in the comment section!

gifts for first period
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