How to Stay Focused on Your Life Vision : 5 Steps

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How do you stay focused on your life vision especially when life doesn’t go as planned? Are you really clear about what you need to do to move forward in any situation? I’m taking a step back today from some of my more dense research focused posts to talk about something that really impacts the chronic illness and endometriosis community. This is something that has impacted me and that I want to help you work through this so you stop feeling stuck and start feeling motivated to move a few inches that turn into a mile.

Sometimes the burden of life can feel so heavy, but with chronic illness and bodies that don’t act like we want the burden can be doubled. Or quadrupled like when you’re stuck bed bound because of the horrendous pain and all of your plans go to crud. Dealing with hormonal imbalance, finding the right balance for your body to heal, navigating the health care system and financial burdens and limping along in life can take its toll. And these are just some ways. Chronic illness comes in all forms.

The truth is everyone has some burden in life to carry. They say everyone has a story that if you knew it it would break your heart. I get that. But I also know those with chronic health issues have a different way of navigating through life due to fatigue, pain, not feeling well, etc. that is hard to describe. It can rob of us our dreams and cause a fog to settle over our hearts. Experiencing energy loss and pains like we are in our 70s and 80s when we are in our 20s and 30s (or place your age here) feels like a loss, and one that no one quite understands unless you go through it.

You may not even realize your loss until you heal and begin to feel better.

I’m not going to focus on what slows you down, such as pain and fatigue. These must be appreciated at the time and coped with. From a Christian perspective, I believe God finds our suffering and surrender very valuable and somehow can help others through our offering it up.

I AM talking about self-sabotage here. The hope-fatigue that can settle on so strong when life doesn’t turn out like you planned and prevents you from living from a place of strength. When you are at your weakest and most vulnerable, sometimes hard things begin to pile up (Murphy’s Law) and we can metaphorically faceplant from the overwhelm. We may lack confidence. We may have an unrealistic sense of confidence for a given situation. We get in our own way and understandably.

Let’s talk about it.

What does self-sabotage look like?

stay focused
Time to overcome self-sabotage

Self-sabotage can look different for different people. It can also come on for slightly different reasons. Basically, self-sabotage is a mindset and behavior that thwarts you living your life to the fullest and doesn’t take your best interest into account. You may want to stay focused on your life vision but may not be sure how to overcome these coping mechanisms to playing it safe.

Some of the very common forms of self-sabotage could include:

  • Being unrealistically negative
  • Staying stuck by procrastinating next steps
  • Arrogance
  • Lack of confidence
  • Inability to prioritize

I won’t go in-depth into these forms because I bet you know what I’m talking about.

How do you stay focused on your life vision amidst the storm?

1. Make Vision Boards

Vision boards are simply images that represent where you want to be in your life. Reminders of what you are working towards and reminders to prioritize the baby steps towards your dreams instead of some other direction.

Vision boards allow you to have bad days but to regroup and renew your focus. They help you prioritize your vision for your life and stay focused. You have to get clear about your priorities when you vision board.

Personally, I find them really fun and surprising to make. I just take a stack of my scrap magazines and start flipping through until I find pictures that resonate and use my bulletin board as a focal point. You could also find images online and create an online image board and make it your desktop background. Just make sure you see it everyday.

Here are some examples for your inspiration:

stay focused
Make a bulletin board your vision board
stay focused with a vision board
Vision board with these panel grid hangings
stay focused
Vision Board Book + Kit idea
stay focused

2. Listen to a focused meditation daily

This little step has been a game changer for me and for so many others who make this commitment. Now, hopefully you have a daily prayer routine and spend time in prayer daily. This is along those lines but a little bit different.

Here’s how. When you have a focused meditation to listen to for a specific issue, your brain needs to be in a certain state to heal and relax where the parasympathetic nervous system is in charge instead of the frenetic sympathetic nervous system.

The folks over at Circle + Bloom know this and have created a series of beautiful meditations including one called Reach Your Life Goals. Ladies, I do own it and listen to it and yes it does help so much. I don’t get anything out of promoting their meditations except that I believe in their products and know how helpful they have been for my mindset and healing journey.

stay focused

If you want to get serious about how to stay focused and reach your life vision, then this is the perfect tool for staying on track and feeling wonderful about it. 🙂 You will leave the meditation feeling glow-y all over!

3. Surround yourself with supportive people

stay focused
Good relationship helps us stay focused on realizing our goals

This tip sounds so easy sometimes and hopefully it is for you! If you have an amazing supportive posse who loves seeing you succeed, please keep them close and take good care of them. They are a #blessing and will help you stay focused on your life goals.

If you suddenly look around and find nary a friendly soul, then please take stock but don’t be discouraged. This can happen for all sorts of reasons and it can happen slowly over time if we give people the slow fade (energy issues anyone?) or go through some hard times. Sometimes it can happen we we can’t stay focused for various reasons.

But do take action. We are social beings and need good relationships to be our best even if that is just one or two positive kind people.

If you have slowly discerned that your old friends have more in common with your 15 year old self than your current age or they only seem to talk about themselves and never give you proper attention, move on. Find a supportive therapist or a church minister you trust and feel good around and ask for some help. That’s what they’re there for, it’s kinda their vocation to minister to people who need a boost. They will help your get and stay focused.

I have found that it’s easier to find the right people once you’ve discerned your life goals and values (see step #2). If you have outgrown certain friends you may find that you and your dreams aren’t supported in a way that feels inspiring.

It might be time to befriend a person or two who has the same desire to grow and reach your goals so can support and encourage each other.

Groups like CrossFit and MeetUp and Codependents Anonymous have become popular for a reason! But there are SO many more full of cool people. Decide what feels right for you right now.

4. Use a daily planner

Remember that planner you used in grade school to help you make sure you turned your homework in on time? I loved checking things off of my planner list even as a kid, maybe you did as well.

There was a time in my life where I went from conscientious student to adulting and forgot the power of the planner. I sort of lost track of how to grow as a person and make and reach life goals. I had forgotten how to stay focused. It was a bit embarrassing if I’m being honest. But I felt better once I figured it out.

Having a daily planner is different than having a journal or a vision board. It’s where the daily plans and action steps come into play so you actually stay focused on a daily basis and reach your life goals.

Find what works best for you. I’ve tried so many things, from Trello to Kanban boards to Google Calendar to various scraps of paper and post-it notes everywhere. I’m a bit old-school but what I use daily is a daily/weekly/monthly planner to write down my tasks, goals and next steps and I stay focused that way.

I talked about bullet journals in my post about feeling beautiful with chronic illness. This may be a good way for you to stay focused. I personally want a done-for-me journal.

I use something called a Teacher Planner. Why? I’m not a teacher. No, but these planners have the best amount of space for planning things to do each day, week and month to help me stay focused on all of the things I’m trying to juggle. Chances are you also have many areas you are trying to focus on in your life that each require daily planning.

Here are two samples of what I’m talking about. I love these both because they are spiral bound, have plenty of room for multi-topic list making each day, and they are pretty affordable. It doesn’t need to be expensive. It just needs to help you stay focused. 🙂

The first on is dateless and the second one is dated for you already.

stay focused
Stay focused by using a daily planner

This beautiful daily “teacher” planner also have a great amount of space for writing down your daily tasks and to-dos though it is dated to mirror the school year (which I like personally to stay focused and on-track of my time).

stay focused
Stay focused on your life vision

5. Release the outcome

I know, right? You’re telling me to stay focused, plan towards my dreams on a daily basis and then release them like they may not even happen? Doesn’t this just invalidate my dreams in the first place?

Well, no not exactly. Let me explain. You want to have a general life plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. As you learn more about your wants, needs and values, you may change what is most important to focus on. And you can do the best most perfect planning on the planet and not have what your worked for come to fruition. Why? Life.

You see, I believe in a God that has a plan for our lives but sometimes we don’t quite understand it or even avoid it. While we can have plans and work towards them, and I argue you should, ultimately God’s purpose will sort of supersede ours. It’s important to stay loosely attached to your plan and allow for the unexpected outcome to occur. In my experience, these can be a blessing in disguise and can lead me down paths I otherwise never would have discovered.

So work hard towards your dreams and stay focused but ultimately release the outcome and let whatever be, be.


Learning how to stay focused on your life vision may not be something you were taught in school or if you were perhaps chronic illness gave you a maze instead of a straight line to follow.

By taking these steps you will be well on your way to navigating life in a way that aligns with your values and helps you to grow as a person. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you have at least one small step you can take today towards getting clear to stay focused.

You can buy a daily planner and plan out you next few days or weeks. You can get a vision board going in your beautiful little corner of the world and dream wildly about how you want to spend your days. You can rekindle an old friendship, join a group of some sort or fall in love with someone who is heading in the same direction.

The sky is the limit. Stay focused. Reach your dreams.

We’d all love to hear your comments and feedback about what is the most helpful for your staying focused!

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