The 9 Best Natural Health Practices for Endometriosis

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Times have changed and these natural health practices for endometriosis are time tested and backed by research and common sense. Painful and irregular cycles are considered the norm in Western society. The common advice is to not stress too much, take some Midol or Advil and ignore “it.” Many women still walk around with horrendous premenstrual tension and are prescribed birth control pills to supposedly balance the cycle out. But what if there was another way? A way that gets to the root of the problem.

If you are fortunate enough to get an endometriosis diagnosis in a rather short period of time, instead of years and years, then you might be told you need surgery like yesterday. Or, you might be told you need surgery, potent estrogen blockers and a few more surgeries down the road. This seems like the perfect solution to your problems, and in some cases it is really helpful to have surgery to clean up the adhesions, but it still won’t tell you why your body rebelled against itself in the first place. It won’t heal you in a deep clearing way.

This blog is dedicated to the women who want answers to their body’s screaming pain and discomfort. It is dedicated to those who want to begin to actually heal and regain energy, hope and trust. As someone who is on the other side of the pain, I can tell you that the fog can clear, the bloating can subside and the period pain can completely disappear like a miracle.

I am not a doctor and can’t offer you the key to perfect health. No. Neither can any doctor though. I can offer you researched backed evidence that I use myself to keep pain-free and mentally clear. I can tell you what it feels like to have glowing skin, a bloat-free belly, easy digestion, uneventful periods and a be at a healthy weight. I have my life back so I can do something else with my time instead of lay on the couch in agony or feel bummed that my body is acting a ‘foo for unknown reasons.

It feels like letting go of a pile of bricks.

Natural health practices still play a key role in my ongoing healing.

What are the best natural health practices for endometriosis?

These are the same practices that I researched and implemented in no special order. This isn’t the one trick pony solution to health. It’s an integrative approach that helps rebalance the many areas that are hurting. Many of these involve plants and plants are starting to be considered as alternative medicine for endometriosis as of this 2021 study. And this 2021 research study review found plant based medicine as a form of symptom relief for endometriosis.

1-Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil is an oil that when applied topically helps to oxygenate the area, improve blood flow and draw out toxins. Of the many natural health practices that helps women with menstrual troubles, castor oil has been used in many traditional cultures. It can be applied to the lower abdomen in the form of packs during certain phases of the cycle. While it used to be a rather involved process there are ways to simplify so you actually have the time and patience to do it. You can check out my post about castor oil, its benefits and the supplies needed.

2-Essential Oils

Essential oils provide so many benefits. It’s one of those natural health practices that doesn’t feel like work because it smells so beautiful. They can help to purify the air when diffused, they can enrich the flavor of food (they are plant based) and they can help various maladies. In my post about the best essential oils for endometriosis, I highlight four oils that are especially helpful for menstrual irregularity and discomfort.

A recent 2020 research study on essential oils found that essential oils may help to balance women’s hormones without side effects that might cause infertility or birth defects. Essential oils can also be used in massage to reduce period pain. In a study where women received massage using essential oils the women reported a significant reduction in period pain during the next cycle.

3-Product Detox

Suffice to say, you and I live in a toxic world. And if you have endometriosis you probably have a fairly high toxic load in your body. There are these things called endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) and one of them is call phthalates. There are known researched connections between phthalates and endometriosis.

A 2021 study of compiled literature exposed the statistically significant link between phthalates and endometriosis by finding a statistically significant link between high urinary levels of these phthalates (BBP, DEHP, DnBP, and MEHP) and endometriosis. Here’s another study from 2020 exposing the connection between phthalates and endometriosis

Most commercial made products including your laundry detergents contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can leach, migrate and off-gas into the rest of your home. You may unwittingly inhale or ingest the fumes anywhere in your home and especially where they are most concentrated. We don’t know the long-term effects that many of these products have on us, but we do know that they seem to pose some risk to our bodies.

I have some solutions in my posts about non-toxic laundry detergent, how to make a green laundry room, non-toxic dental care and non-toxic water bottles that you might want to check out. You’ll find more research backed ideas to help tamp down on your toxic load from daily personal care and household items that harm your body. Creating new natural health practices can address some of these toxic health practices.


So many natural health practices rely on the use of supplements for optimal health. While it would be nice to maintain optimal health through sleep, diet and exercise alone, you may find yourself still chronically depleted of a critical vitamin or micronutrient. I recommend getting a blood test to determine where you stand in terms of deficiencies before starting a supplement. If you are low in an area, you need a particular strength to improve. If you are too high, additional supplementing may be harmful. Ideally, you will get this information in an annual physical with a good physician.

One example of a possible red flag area is vitamin d. Americans are chronically low in vitamin d but many do not know it. Vitamin d plays a profound role in the immune system and hormone balance. Low levels of vitamin d can cause inflammation and cancer to name a few. If you are severely low in vitamin d, your healthcare provider can test and recommend a supplement. For optimal health, levels under 50 may need supplementing.

Want to know the best supplements for endometriosis? Stay tuned! I’ve got your covered.

5-The Endometriosis Diet

Is there such a thing as an endometriosis diet? I find that women are split in various camps when it comes to what to eat when dealing with endometriosis symptoms. Why is this? Well, you’re different from me and I’m different from you. We’re all at various ends of the symptom and prognosis spectrum for, well, various reasons. Some of this has to do with our genes, our childhood illnesses, how long our immune system’s been busted, stressors in our life, etc. Natural health practices such as eating the right diet for your health symptoms is important for healing.

What I can offer is a general overview of foods to eat. Generally. I also gave a general overview on the endometriosis diet in another post.

In a nutshell here it is:

Remove: dairy, gluten, GMO and most non-organic foods. Check out Dr. Axe’s Dirty Dozen list to avoid.

Include: dark leafy green vegetables, fruits low on the glycemic index such as blueberries, seeds and nuts, healthy fats, meat if sourced from grass-fed, pasture raised areas or wild caught fish, fermented foods (if you can tolerate the histamine) for your gut health, and small amounts of complex carbs such as yams, potatoes, squash, and carrots.

Pro Tips: Blend fruits and vegetables into a smoothie and juice vegetables. Utilize herbal tea for extra support.

Diet can be confusing. I’ll be working on additional resources for you in this area because so many of you have questions. Natural health practices shouldn’t be confusing.

6-Digestive Healing

Of the natural health practices to help alleviate endometriosis symptoms, healing your digestion is so crucial. Digestive health helps a myriad of functions process nutrients into the body and toxins out of the body. I wrote a post about the top 10 ways to improve your digestion and endometriosis which is a good overview of where to start.

One of my favorite ways to heal your digestion involves daily intake of homemade bone broth. This does take a commitment along with everything else and it is not a quick fix. Natural health practices usually aren’t. Think of it as a lifestyle change for the better. I don’t know about you but homemade bone broth is something I crave when I don’t drink it daily. It’s a rich, delicate and complex culinary delight.

7-Gentle Movement

Some of the best exercises for endometriosis include low impact aerobics such as walking, stretching and strengthening. Stretching provides blood flow, oxygenation and nourishment to your body in an ideal case. Of all the natural health practices, this one can have immediate impacts on your body that you can feel.

8-Additional Healing Modalities

There are several other natural health practices I recommend when dealing with hormone imbalance and endometriosis:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation
  • Stretching and Strengthening
  • Walking

9-Spiritual Fresh Start

I’m the last person who will tell you to deal with your sufferings because God wants you to suffer. In my experience, we can really hit a few stumbling blocks when we begin to imagine God’s role in our suffering and pain because we may attribute negative activity to God that isn’t true. The truth is, we don’t really know why we have this suffering. It could be from God in order to bring us closer to Him and seek Him out. It could be some weird form of chastisement. It could be hereditary and induced because of the toxic world we live in.

Yes, we can offer up our suffering in a way that we exercise our faith that this season of hardship has a purpose even if it has no visible benefit to ourselves. We can resign our will and suffer gently in love our of filial trust in the God who lives. But that doesn’t mean we just sit with it forever and blindly trust a pill to remove the issue. My hubby tells me that when we pray to God at night to move mountains, we wake up next to a shovel. 🙂

So my take on your spiritual fresh start? Examine your emotions around this area. Separate fact from fiction. Get some deep rest to experience more positivity. And then work like crazy to rest with God’s love while making active changes in the right direction. One of the most wonderful natural health practices is interior freedom. Exercise it, it’s like a muscle.


natural health practices
you got this.

These are my top natural health practices for symptoms related to endometriosis. While the list can seem exhaustive once you start incorporating all of the things you begin to feel like a new person. Let’s face it, most of us grew up eating the typical American diet, sitting around a lot watching tv, in the classroom and then in sedentary jobs and our circulation isn’t always stellar. Maybe you worked out too much and depleted an otherwise taxed immune system. Maybe you did not utilize any natural health practices.

Implementing new natural health practices take time, energy and resources. Focus on what you can control easily and then begin to build up to some of the others. You can begin walking for 20 minutes a day for free and you can save up and schedule a visit for comprehensive blood work to find out which supplements you might need later.

What are your favorite natural health practices? Which are the easiest for you to implement? Share in the comments below!

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