Popular Word of the Month Ideas That Actually Inspire

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I was first introduced to ‘word of the year’ ideas and ‘word of the month’ ideas years ago and I was surprised at how such a simple concept could have powerful and rewarding result. Of course, things don’t just change things with the snap of your fingers; and, it is not foolproof, but it is another tool you can apply as you think about where you want to head in life.

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Want to try a really simple practice to help you bring your attention to something meaningful to you? Give a word of the month concept a try and see what happens.

Let’s discuss further!

How to Think About Word of the Month Ideas

What is a word of the month and how do you choose a word in a month?

A word of the month is a special word that you have on your mind already or that you choose intentionally because it inspires you and you want more of what that word represents in your life.

I’ve noticed that if you stop and just think about the concept, usually at least one word comes to mind.

I usually just let this process happen organically. If I have to think too hard about a word, it sometimes begins to feel more like work than a creative process that evokes something.

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What Research Shows About Intentionality

First, I want to address that just because you want something to happen, and think of a word doesn’t mean you will end up having the easiest, happiest or most enviable life of all. It also doesn’t mean that you will have the most horrible life possible. Basically, intentionality doesn’t guarantee anything in your life.

So what’s the point, right?

I’m not a researcher, just an observer of life and an experiencer of many life events. So, I’m going on my own whims here. But I see the power of being intentional with words of the month or habitual practices as having power because we are looking for the positive, and waiting upon the Lord to make our paths straight.

The research also shows that where we focus we flourish, and what we treasure speaks a lot about our heart.

So, what is your intention? What word rises up from you heart as a gift just for you? What word will remind you of what you need most at this time in your life?

Keep in mind that the Harvard Business Review’s research into the power of intention found that most people can gauge other’s intentions fairly accurately. So, while you may not be sharing your word with others, don’t just pick a word because it sounds big or important. Do it because it is congruent with your values and helps guide you towards them.

It might be time to do a word of the month if you:

  • Need something to help you focus
  • Are ready for a small challenge
  • Feel inspired
  • Feel bored or stuck
  • Aren’t sure which direction to go in next
  • Know which direction to go in and want to LIVE it
word of the month ideas

Ways to Celebrate Your Word Creatively

How can you keep your word of the month in mind all month? There are so many ways engage your senses to really focus on different aspects of what might be leading you.

Here are a few ways you can memorialize your word and really integrate its meaning into your life:

  • Paint a picture of what the word means to you
  • Paint a picture of the word
  • Use some design skills to write out the word
  • Make up a song about the word or what this word means to you
  • Take a photograph of what this word represents or of something that evokes the feeling this word conveys as well
  • Create a vision board using images that encompass what this word means to you
  • Journal about what this word means to you
  • Spend the day either in the morning or evening about how you experienced this word in your life that day
word of the month ideas

Make Plans with Word of the Month in Mind

What are some other ways you can begin to live out your word better? Here are some additional ideas to integrate your values, as embodied in the word, into your daily life for that month:

  • If your life were full of this word, what activities would you do?
  • If your life were full of this word, who would you want to spend time with?
  • If the word were in your life right now, how could you dress so you really show yourself what this word means?
  • How would you act in your career if living out this word?
  • Is there a funny word of the month activity you can do, that actually gives you the giggles? This may not be applicable in every situation, but humor can really enliven your experience. How would a stand up comedian talk about your word (in a way that feels helpful?)

FREE DOWNLOAD: 144 Word of the Month Possibilities with Every Month in Mind

Need some ideas for getting started with your word of the month? Check out my FREE DOWNLOAD – a guide for how to start your monthly or yearly practice along with 144+ word ideas for you to try out. Consider it your own personal word of the month generator where you can find words that have resonated with others.


A word of the month will be a fun activity to try to engage your creativity, focus and resolve. Try it out and leave a comment about your experience!

If you need help keeping track of all of your dreams, progress and next steps, definitely look into the 5-Minute Journal!

word of the month ideas
word of the month ideas

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  1. I am trying a word of the year for the first time. I think I need a vision board session to really explore how I can incorporate my word too!

  2. Yay! Yes, a vision board is a great way to help your word really integrate into your day to day.

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