Rosemary Water for Hair: How to Make and Use

rosemary water for hair

Should you use rosemary water for hair? Herbalists and DIYers alike tout the many benefits of using this natually toxin free and easily homemade product on hair loss, damaged hair and for gently covering the gray. Learn how to make this easy herbal remedy today!

rosemary water for hair

Benefits of Using the Herb Rosemary

Rosemary is a popular aromatic herb found in the Mint family of plants. It is used in cuisine and anciety medicine. In modern research has found it to be helpful with heart health, inflammation, memory enhancement, circulation and hair health.

For the purpose of this post, we’ll look more closely at its benefits for hair.

What are the benefits of rosemary water for hair?

  • Natural aromatherapy and a clean non-toxic fragrance.
  • Ancient Greeks and Arabians often wore Rosemary and believed the essence was good for their brain and memory.
  • Helps with UV damaged to hair and and skin
  • Helps with aging skin
  • Helps decrease alopecia (hair loss) that can be related to hormone imbalance
  • A 2015 study found that rosemary oil was more effective than a pharmaceutical product (minoxidil aka Rogaine) for hair loss and had zero side effects
  • Possibly useful for covering gray hair (though I can’t verify that so far)
  • A 2013 study found that rosemary was helpful for improved hair growth

Is Rosemary Water Good for Your Hair?

Does rosemary water help hair growth?

Rosemary water uses the herb plus water, so it is very natural, safe and free of toxins. The herb has been studied both as a dietary enhancer and as an external product. There were benefits to the aromatic smell (aromatherapy) as well as to helping with improved hair growth. If you hair is thinning or you have extensive loss, try this rosemary water for hair health.

Rosemary Oil vs Rosemary Water for Hair Growth

We will look at the actual recipe for rosemary water for hair futher down, but know that the herb can be used in water via the boiling method, or in in oil via the infused method. It is also available in tincture form (which is easy to make as demonstrated in my sage tincture post). Rosemary water for hair or rosemary oil for hair both have similar benefits but the oil may make hair greasier and use accordingly. Conversely, herbal infused oil can be really healing for the scalp and the ends so just be sure to wash hair afterwards.

Where to Source Herbs

Many people grow herbs, so if you do finding rosemary in your backyard will be a breeze. Otherwise, you could go to a gardening center or nursery and look at their herb section. Some grocery stores sell fresh herbs, but you could always buy the herb from the spice aile and just use that. You may already have this spice in your cubbard and that can also serve this purpose.

Rosemary Water for Hair Growth Recipe

Let’s look at how to make rosemary water for hair growth.

How much water do you use? How long do you boil rosemary water for hair? Let’s address these and any other questions you may have.

Rosemary Water for Hair Recipe:

  1. If using the fresh herb, throw it into a pot and cover with water.
  2. If using herbs from the baking aisle, I would recommend 1/4 cup herbs to 1/2 cup-1 cup of distilled or filtered water. (Distilled water is bests for diy personal care products).
  3. Set to a simmer for a few hours. Some of the water will evaporate over time. The longer it is simmered, the stronger the elixer will be.
  4. Let cool. Strain.
  5. Add to a spray bottle and that’s it!

Essential Oil Rosemary Water DIY

  1. Use rosemary essential oil.
  2. Add 6-12 drops to each ounce of oil; or, at least 48 drops to 8 ounces of warm, distilled water is best, or filtered if possible.
  3. Gently shake.
  4. Add to a spray bottle and it is ready to use.

How to Use Rosemary Water

Wondering how to use rosemary water for hair growth?

Use the simple recipe above and use the water as a hair rinse.

Can I spray rosemary water on my hair everyday?

In some cases using daily may provide the best results, especially for someone with extensive hair loss, and damage to hair and scalp. However, some may wish to use before exposure to the sun (it has UV protective qualities) or once a week for a spa-like treatment.

Does rosemary water straighten hair?

This will depend upon your hair, but in general wetting hair down or using oils can make lightly wavy or straight hair even straighter and smoother. Those with curls, thicker hair folicles or nappy hair may see other results!

How to Store Rosemary Water for Hair

Rosemary water can be stored in a bottle, such as spray bottle and added to the refrigerator. Rosemary is also a known preservative so the water should be fine if left out for up to a week. (If the water changes appearance or smells funny, you may want to make a new batch).

Other herbs that may be helpful

Plant based medicine can be versatile and healing. Check out these posts for related content!


I hope you found this post helpful! If you tried the recipe and have feedback feel free to comment and your experience in a way that’s helpful for the community.

Wishing you light and life!

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