The Best Calming Heat Neck Wrap for Quick Pain Relief

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Whether you’re in pain, feeling anxious or recovering from surgery, there are benefits for you for using a calming heat neck wrap. Read on to find out the most popular and what I’ve used to feel a rush of comfort and relieve tension.

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What is the Best Heated Neck Wrap?

According to the calming heat wrap reviews, the best calming heat neck wrap as seen on tv is Sharper Image’s Neck Wrap.

This wrap is specifically designed to rest at the back of your neck with weighted beads that gently hug the tension. You’re getting heat and a gentle massage all in one, from 97 degrees all the way to 105 degrees. (You can also use just the heat or the massage components separately).

The reviews for this product are compelling. Some have called it a life saver from sinus pains because of the high heat settings. Others love how perfectly suited it is to the neck region. However some were not fans for the massage components as it felt like too strong of a vibration.

Maybe it would make a great gift? Check out all the ways using heat helped me find relief below.

Why You Need Heat Support

There are many reasons why using a calming heat neck and shoulder wrap can help you get through your day a bit easier:

  • Stress
  • Tension headache (from said stress)
  • Tight muscles in general
  • Feeling chilled in winter
  • Feeling chilled from being sick with a cold or flu
  • Feeling chilled or tense after surgery
  • Chest tightness from feelings of anxiety
  • Prolonged looking down at your phone or ipad
  • Sitting at the computer all day

When There was a Problem, I Also Used These

When I was recovering from surgery, I used a hot water bottle a lot. I seemed to get chilled easily and my body’s homeostatis didn’t feel like it was working properly for the first few weeks. Plus, I had a little post-surgery anxiety and the water bottle aside from helping me stay comfortable from a chill also helped alleviate some of the mental stress I experienced.

I would place that hot water bottle in the small of my neck, at the top of my shoulders or right on my chest. Divine! I highly recommend this to anyone experiencing a bit of disturbance.

If I had known about the most popular calming heat neck wrap I probably would have gotten one as a surgery prep item.


Wherever you are in your healing journey, don’t forget the gentle power of heat! Check out the neck wrap if you are looking for a highly customized device with tons of positive reviews. Or, use what you have on hand such as a hot water bottle or towels right out of the dryer!

Let me know – do you like using heat for pain and anxiety relief? What has been your favorite tool?

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