The 4 Best Colostrum Supplements for Your Daily Wellness Plan

best colostrum supplement

Learn about the 4 best colostrum supplements and powders on the market including which ones are the best quality, best budget friendly, and most highly rated by users.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to serve as medical advice, or to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please visit a qualified medical practitioner for medical advice. This post may contain Affiliate links which serve to support this platform at no cost to you. Thank you for your support if you decide a product is right for you.

When I first began reading into the use of colostrum, I was curious about it. I was not sure it would be something I would use because I avoid dairy for various reasons. For one, there is a lot of research indicating that the hormones and components in bovine milk can cause upset to the delicate hormonal balance in human bodies. As someone with a history of hormonal imbalances, I did not want something to interfere further. For another, milk can be congesting especially for women with endometriosis and sometimes inflammatory. Would colostrum cause inflammation, I wondered? But I continued into the research.

What I found surprised me. Colostrum is the first milk of a mammal. It is typically a thicker consistency than the milk that comes afterwards and is composed of highly nutrient dense compounds. Vegans may not like the use of bovine colostrum on a values platform, but there are many reputable products that try to show some humanity to the calves by claiming that the calves will still receive colostrum even if it is also used to make their colostrum powder products. We could all use a little more humanity these days, and animal welfare is an important topic when it comes to choosing your animal products whether vegan or not.

Another product that comes from colostrum is known as Lactoferrin. This product has become quite popular as well and it is known as a binder of iron in the body, or rather a transporter of iron. Iron can cause oxidative stress in the body especially in high levels. Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein in human colostrum, but also mammal colostrum in general. It transports iron and helps regulate how well iron is absorbed in the body. It is also protective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. (Plus, pathogenic bacteria love iron, so if it is free, it feeds this situation, and if it is bound is does not feed them.) By default, colostrum shares in these benefits.

Colostrum serves to nourish the microbiome of the young calf, or the young human baby. It also seems to help grown-ups build a better gut by protecting the small junctures and helping to seal “leaky gut.”

The Top 4 Best Colostrum Supplements

What is the highest rated colostrum supplement? What is the best colostrum supplement for adults?

1) Ancestral Supplements – Colostrum Caps

best colostrum supplement

Highest customer reviews.

The Ancestral Supplements brand has a huge tribe-like following, and for good reason. It’s a reputable company that has built a reputation for actually caring about its customers and understanding human performance and nutrition. This colostrum supplement contains 30 servings (or, a one month supply) for $68 at the time of this post. Does the supplement’s quality justify the cost? Reviewers think so. The brand boasts a loyal and trusted following.

As the highest rated colostrum supplement online, here are the features making it a best colostrum supplement in its category:

  • Grass-fed cow product
  • Made in small batches from New Zealand and Australian bovine in the USA
  • Does not use fillers, GMO, or flow agents
  • Third party tested and verified for purity
  • Hormone free cows
  • Freeze-dried product
  • Allergen-free
  • Made by the Founders of the Beef Organ Supplement Movement

Ancestral Supplements is one of the best colostrum supplement brands on the market and one option to consider when looking to support your gut and immune system, and athletic performance.

2) Optimal Carnivore Colostrum Powder

best colostrum supplements

Glowing reviews.

The Optimal Carnivore branded colostrum powder also boasts highly positive customer feedback and a plethora of reasons to be included in the best colostrum supplement list.

The Optimal Carnivore company is built around the notion that organ meat and bovine by-products are highly nutritious and needed in our diets for optimal health and gene expression for the next generation but it can be difficult to source but also make into edible cuisine.

It boasts the following:

  • Calf priority sourcing
  • Grass-fed guarantee (this means that the costs have pasture access 365 days of the year and their food source is primarily grass with the proof to back it up).
  • Made in the USA, and sourced in New Zealand
  • Third-party tested and manufactured in a GMP facility
  • Pesticide free, antibiotic and hormone free
  • Non-GMO (not grain fed)
  • No additives.

Plus, as this product is a powder, it mixes into your daily smoothie or beverage. At the time of this posting, a 30 serving supply would cost $65. Many users report feeling better digestion and skin after about a month of consistent, daily use and remark that the owner is customer-service oriented and easy to do business with.

I recently ordered this and hope to leave a review post once I’ve had time to try it out.

3) Double Wood Supplement Colostrum Capsules

best colostrum supplement

Double Wood Supplements was founded by twin brothers in 2013 and focuses on supplements in the brain health, anti-aging immune support space. The products offered are single ingredient and backed by publicly available Certificates of Analysis and Third-Party testing.

Here are the product highlights:

  • Colostrum from grass-fed cows
  • No fillers or additives, gluten free and non-GMO
  • Manufactured and purity tested in the USA

A one month supply will run you $20, making this supplement very affordable for the consumer. Customers reviews are positive and many note feeling a positive difference after taking colostrum from this company.

4) WonderCow Colostrum Powder

best colostrum supplement

I was hesitant to recommend this product, as it is NOT from grass-fed cows. Usually the grains fed cattle are GMO (cattle feed) which contain high amounts of pesticides like glyphosate which are known to be harmful to the human body. However, they are really well-researched in marketing their product and their product contains a high amount of immunoglobulins which are known to support immune balance. And, they address the sourcing of the colostrum.

“The WonderCow Promise: We source our bovine colostrum from sustainable, reputable farms that use ethical and human farming practices. Our product contains no artificial ingredients, sweeteners, dyes, additives or fillers.” So, if grass-fed bovine colostrum is not a priority for you, you may benefit from the higher amounts of immunoglobulins and pay the same amount of $65 for a one month supply. The USA family-owned company are 7th generation dairy farmers and live on their land, to boot. The family boasts of how their child healed from an illness after using colostrum, which started off their business.

It boasts the following:

  • Family owned farm, product and brand (made and sold in the US)
  • Third-party tested
  • 100% colostrum
  • No sweeteners, antibiotics, gluten, additives, fillers, GMO ingredients, Dyes or Soy
  • Calf-first human promise
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility
  • high IgG concentration

Customers overall endorse the product, and it has been selling like hotcakes online.

How do I Choose the Best Colostrum?

My criteria for the best colostrum supplement included:

  • Was the colostrum from grass-fed cows?
  • Was the colostrum from a certified facility? (GMP facility)
  • Did the colostrum receive copious amounts of positive reviews from customers?
  • Was it easy to use as a supplement? Did it blend well into liquids and taste ok? Was the supplement an ok size if it was in pill form?
  • Were calves prioritized for feeding first during the culling of the colostrum?
  • Is the product guaranteed to be pesticide, hormone and GMO free?
  • Third party testing?

The Benefits of Colostrum on the Gut

You may be asking, are colostrum supplements worth it?

Don’t forget to check out my post Colostrum for SIBO and Endometriosis: Powerful Gut Connection. In this post I highlight some of the vast number of benefits of colostrum on the human microbiome, skin and immune system. Let’s review those quickly:

  • Improved gut health, especially after antibiotics
  • For helping to send auto-immune conditions into remission (along with many other factors)
  • For skin conditions, such as eczema or to add health to the skin
  • For immune regulation
  • For athletic performance
  • For feelings of strength, vitality and increased energy
  • Wonderful, natural source of protein for general body repair
  • Many reported seeing positive effects from taking colostrum that were never experienced while on collagen powders, such as regularity.
  • The IgGs (immunoglobulins) play a critical role in supporting immune function, fortifying your gut and promoting overall health
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Improves sleep
  • Supports cognitive function

Colostrum is backed by research and science. It is backed by extensive research verified on PubMed, National Institute of Health, and Dairy Science & Technology.

Who Should Consider Colostrum?

Colostrum may be something to try if you have a diagnosis of SIBO or SIBO symptoms along with an endometriosis diagnosis. Always consult with your medical team for diagnosis and medical treatment for SIBO or any condition.

Many people decide to take colostrum if they have an auto-immune disease, feel symptoms of an auto-immune disease, have gut issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas or nausea, or simply want to help their gut be in optimal shape. Many people who were antibiotic uses turn to colostrum to help rebuild the gut and support the microflora in the microbiome.

Supplements do not react to everybody in the same way. If you start a new supplement, always monitor how you are feeling for the first several day. Start with a small amount instead of an entire serving. Note any GI distress, aches, rashes, hives, etc. and take a break if you feel off.

And, who cannot take colostrum?

If you need to avoid dairy, you will want to avoid colostrum since it is a dairy product. If you have a dairy allergy, do not use colostrum or lactoferrin. (If you are only allergic to caesin, the milk protein, but not whey, another milk protein, then you may be able to safely consume lactoferrin).


These colostrum products hit many of the markers for best colostrum supplement. If you choose to incorporate colostrum into your diet, how are you feeling?

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