The Best Gifts for Surgery Before/After the Big Day

pre surgery gift ideas

If you are gearing up for surgery, or someone you know is, this list provides some pretty helpful ways to think about how to best support someone – even if that someone is yourself! If you want to support someone who has recently had surgery, read on for some easy and supportive gifts ideas.

pre surgery gift ideas

The Best Pre-Surgery or Post-Surgery Care Package

No matter the type of surgery, having a surgery provides a disruption in one’s day to day living. Plus, not too many people look forward to surgery since usually one must spend time in recovery and learn to move and “be” again in one’s body. Surgery’s recovery period can be different for everyone, with some needing only a day or two to bounce back to others require far more time and mending.

If you haven’t had surgery but are planning one soon, this post will help you think of some things to include in your planning process to make your life more comfortable immediately after surgery and beyond.

Maybe you have a laparoscopy coming up?

If you know someone who is about to have surgery, you may want to show some love with some gifts showing your support, and read on to find some ideas of how.

A Hospital Bag

While you don’t necessarily need to go out and get a new bag for your hospital stay (unless you really want to, hey go for it!) it is nice to have a general idea of a bag to place your belongings and items you may want for your post-surgery recovery.

This will be very helpful for your caretaker, as they will have a place to stash your important items, clothing, accessories and the like. If you don’t have someone to wait for you while you are in surgery, having a go-bag is equally important.

You may want to begin writing a list of what to include in your bag a week or so before the big day in case you need to grab anything at the store ahead of time. It might also be helpful if your name is somewhere in the bag in case it gets misplaced.

Also, sometimes surgery does not go as planned and your hospital stay may be longer than originally anticipated. Being prepared can alleviate feelings of anxiety later on.

Items to gather:

  • Toiletries tote
  • Hospital bag

Hospital Bag Accessories

Your duration in the hospital and your travels to get home after surgery will help you determine just how much stuff you need to have on hand for after surgery.

What should you include in your hospital bag? Here are a few ideas:

  • Hair Ties
  • Hair bandana or cute hat – There is a strong chance that your hair will be unwashed and you may want to cover it up for the ride home.
  • Pillow – A pillow may help you rest in the car ride home or serve as a buffer between your incisions and the seatbelt on the ride home.
  • Snack packs – The hospital will probably provide some food and drinks to make sure your stomach can handle it before signing your discharge papers, but in case you get a bit low on blood sugar or snack-y, a packet of easily digestible food like prunes or apricots can help.
  • Chapstick – Need I say anything more?
  • Adaptive clothing – Adaptive clothing or loose fitting tops and dresses can really be helpful come post-surgery.
  • Socks – Though, the hospital may provide a pair of non-slip socks.
  • Warm clothing – While you may go in for surgery on a warm day, you may come out on a cold or windy day, and feel more chilled than usual. Even if you don’t end up wearing that hat or scarf, if you need it you’ll be glad you have it at the ready.
  • Feminine care products – If you are going to have surgery for endo, then the hospital will probably provide any feminine care product you need; however, pack something just in case.

Certainly, if you are traveling a long distance home after a stay at the hospital, you may want to have more than these items. Chances are you will have quite a bit more if you intend to spend the night on your route home. This list will help get you started hopefully.

If you are asking, what do you give someone going to the hospital for surgery, things on this list couldn’t hurt.

Items to Create a Home Nest

Once you get home from surgery, one of the best things I can recommend is to set up a little nest either on your sofa or the bed (whichever is easiest for you to get out of the first few days post-surgery).

A nest is a place where you have everything within reach that you will need while you recover. It should be comfortable and overall enjoyable (despite the suffering that can happen post-surgery).

Here are a few post surgery gifts for her to create a home nest:

  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • Meditation recordings
  • Aromatherapy
  • Herbal Teas
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen (amino acid support to help support healing)
  • Support pillow
  • Subscription for streaming videos and shows

Get Well Soon Gifts

If people are asking what they can do to help, you want to help someone get through their surgery, or you want to ensure you feel prepared after surgery, here is a list of things that may be helpful:

  • Homemade meals
  • Visitors who stop by
  • Greeting cards
  • Flowers
  • Start a prayer chain
  • Offered prayers
  • Post surgery care package diy

If the idea of a care package caught your eye, read further…

What are the Best Postsurgery Gifts?

One of the best post surgery gifts is gift basket. What goes in a get well basket?

Surgery gift basket ideas can include:

  • Restaurant and/or grocery gift cards
  • A basket full of helpful groceries – foods that are easily digestible, easy to make and/or provide some extra comfort during healing are some good options
  • Homemade foods – soups, stews, bone broth, and herbal teas can be super comforting and nourishing to the post-surgery body. (More herbal tea suggestions)
  • Warm and Cozy Themed Gift Basket – blankets, socks, scarves, or even a heated neck wrap.
  • Sunflower Themed Gift Basket (Popular)

Check out this other post that describes some of the best post surgery gifts including how to give gifts that are compatible with the Five Love Languages. These would also provide good ideas for post surgery gifts for him, or a knee surgery care package for example.

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Reasons to Give a Spa Box Care Package

Are you wondering if giving the gift of a spa care package is a good idea? Every person is different (see the best post surgery gifts based upon the Five Love Languages concept) though spa-type products can be great for several reasons:

  • Cleansing to the body
  • Nourishing to the skin
  • Aromatherapy
  • A source of renewal rituals
    • Help create the feel of a fresh start post-surgery
  • Can motivate one to clean oneself especially if the person is tired and does not feel like it
  • Stinkyness – Gone!

Recovery from Surgery Final Thoughts

Getting your head into gear for what surgery is like can be hard if you have never had surgery, but hopefully this post helped you think of some ways to get prepared.

Have ideas to share that were not covered? Leave some helpful tips in the comments section below!

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