The 6 Best Soda Alternatives That Are Actually Healthier

best soda alternatives

If you are looking find some healthy alternatives to soda, then you are in the right place. Some of the best alternatives to soda are healthier and taste pretty amazing IMHO. Read further to learn about what options there are if you are on the market to make a switch.

Disclaimer: This post does not contain medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

Chances are you have heard that soda is not exactly the healthiest beverage. But those who drink soda daily may find it hard to quit due to the addictive nature of sugar and whatever else is found in those brews. Going cold turkey with straight up water may be impossible for some of you to do, so what are you options? Options, please!

While I am going to suggest you limit or even eliminate your soda intake and choose delicious brews that are good for your gut microbiome, there are sodas on the healthier side that contain more natural ingredients.

Let’s jump in and look at some refreshing alternatives to soda.

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Reasons for Soda and Refreshing Alternatives to Soda

First let’s look at the reasons why you might be using soda to drink so often.

  • Are you tired? Soda may energize you with sugar and give you a boost at least temporarily until you crash
  • Is soda just a habit and you tend to have an addictive personality type? You may be stuck in a rut with soda without even caring about it too much.
  • Could you be addicted to something inside the soda you drink? Caffeine and sugar are two highly addictive components to most soda on the market today.
  • Is it convenient to access and cost-effective for your budget? It may seem like an affordable vice, even though that cost adds up in the long run.
  • Are your taste buds bored to tears with H2O water? Your taste buds may be addicted to sweet tastes and have been desensitized to water or other less sugary beverages.

There are many reasons why you drink soda but the purpose of this post is to help you find another solution because maybe you ready for a change in beverage scenery.

It’s a great time to be alive. The craft brew phenomena extends beyond local craft beer market. The sky is the limit when it comes to innovative craft brew alternatives to soda. That link for example details the Shark Tank episode where two entrepreneurs create a new beverage to help with calming the mind. Craft brands like this are growing in popularity because of an ever changing consumer market. The consumer demands soda alternatives and the innovation community is stepping up to the challenge to offer new, tasty and healthier options.

Refreshing Beverage Alternatives

  • 1) Kombucha – Large companies as well as small crafters are coming to the market with this delicious beverage. It’s also easy and economical to make your own to your own taste. Yes, and can be fizzy just like soda. However, kombucha dates back thousands of years, and has been gaining in popularity for decades in the modern kitchen because of its health properties, ease of brewing and the ability to craft something suited to your custom taste.
  • 2) Teas – While tea can sound boring initially, tea boasts a multitude of flavors, essences and can easily be sweetened to taste while imparting health benefits to boot. It’s not the easiest jumping off point if you are coming off of soda but it is a refreshing option to consider. I detail out some of the best teas suited for those with hormonal imbalance, energy dysfunction and nervous system regulation.
  • 3) Sparkling Water – Some use seltzer water and some use the carbonated sparkling water. In either case, the texture is very similar to soda and you can add your own flavoring and sweeteners to taste.
  • 4) Healthy Soda using natural ingredients – There are some sodas these days that actually contain just a few natural ingredients or those that contain less unhealthy ingredients than the typical soda. You can even get creative and make your own soda at home especially if you have a carbonated water source.
  • 5) Flavored Water – You can use tap water and flavor it or buy convenient bottles of flavored water, a new flavor for every day of the week! You could even use fruit juice concentrate or other flavors such as mint, ginger and lemon to subtly flavor your water.
  • 6) Adaptogenic Herb and Mushroom beverages – These are new on the market and open like a can of soda but it contains herbal and medicinal properties that are a healthy alternative to soda.

There are so many alternatives to soda. There are even drinks such as milk kefir, water kefir, ginger beef, or kvass which are on the bubbly side due to the natural fermentation that takes place. Many of these are able to be fermented in a second ferment to increase the fizz, flavor and probiotics.

The Best Healthy Soda Alternatives Brands

Need some brands to get you in the right direction?

Kombucha – GT’s is a very popular brand and one found in many local grocery stores. You could always source your own SCOBY and start making this from home and bring out your inner mad-scientist.

Sparkling Water – La Croix, Canada Dry, Polar Seltzer, Topo Chico, SodaStream Terra (carbonate your own tap water with this handy device).

Healthy Soda – Izze, Zevia, Jones Soda Co, Spindrift, Hansen’s Natural, Honest Fizz, and many others.

Alternatives to Soda Why?

Wondering why to switch away from soda?

  • Soda has huge amounts of caffeine
  • Soda has a huge amount of soda
  • Soda contains “filler” ingredients that are not known to promote health
  • Sometimes ingredients later get banned by the FDA for causing health issues
  • While soda may seem inexpensive, as they say, pay the farmer now or the doctor later
  • If you have a health concern, a recent diagnosis or health scare, or are or suspect you have endometriosis, it may be the crisis you need to make lifestyle changes that suite your better interests and healing.


Answering your general questions and answers:

What is a good replacement for soda?

The best replacement for soda for you personally will be based on preference and your adaptability. Drinks such as sparkling water and flavored water may at least provide better hydration than soda without the sugar and oil intake. Trying to keep drink additives to a minimum could be a goal. Why? Because if you don’t know what an additive does FOR your body, chances are its effect ON your body is questionable. Check ingredients.

What can I drink in the morning instead of soda?

While this comes down to personal preference, you may want to look into something that subtly replaces the soda you have come to rely upon. For example green and black tea have small amounts of caffeine that can give you a boost in the morning. Kombucha is usually brewed with green or black tea, or a combination of the two, and has a myriad of helpful microbes for your gut and GI tract. Plus it is sweet and can be fizzy especially if bought from the store.

What is the healthiest soft drink?

This a semi-subjective question, because what is healthy for one person is not necessarily healthy for another. However, something that helps to hydrate you, give you good probiotics, or gives your healing herbs and mushroom for brain and nervous system health versus regular old soda is a no-brainer.

What is the healthiest drink besides water?

Many people enjoy kombucha for the benefits of green tea, probiotics and gentle sweet fizziness. Many people enjoy sparkling water with lemon or lime which helps with hydration and remineralization. Many people love adaptogenic herbal beverage blends for a natural and smooth source of energy and gut health.


Chances are if you have arrived at this post and continued reading, you are looking for an alternative solution to soda. If you are in the position to be ready for a lifestyle chance, the world may have opened up with possibility. As you seek the best solutions for your newfound lease on life, enjoy the myriad of options before you and pretty soon you will wish you had started your journey even sooner!

I hope you enjoyed this post and the alternatives!

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