Toxin Free Living – 10 Tips To Start For Free

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Deciding to go down a path of toxin free living may entail making numerous well-thought out changes, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the easiest and most holistic changes will be those you can do for free by making some simple changes to you normal routines. They can also pack a powerful change in the amount of toxins you allow to enter your life.

Why explore a toxin free living lifestyle? Well, if you’re new to my blog let me help you out with a short recap. I created this site because endometriosis and other chronic health conditions can be a pain in the butt, but you don’t have to have a pain in the endo forever. I can’t take away your illness but I can provide you with numerous tips and tricks I’ve used to help my symptoms hit the road and get my life back. Having a clear mind and energy is truly a gift and one I want to share far and wide.

There’s a lot of research that I site backing some of my claims and others are just pure common sense. I can’t make decisions for you, but I can educate you on what’s worked well for me. I’ve outlined in other posts how toxins can both cause and worsen endometriosis but can also cause or exacerbate other health conditions, too. They are a really important aspect of your chronic health journey and I recommend eliminating as many of them as you can from your daily life.

What are 10 Toxin Free Living Tips You Can Practice for Free $$?

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These are simple changes you can do to lessen your toxic load and simplify your non-toxic living practices. Why? They are FREE! The only thing stopping you from doing these are your schedule. Which, by the way, if you need some help getting your priorities sorted out, check out my post about How to Stay Focused on Your Life Vision in 5 Steps.

Without further ado…

Toxin Free Living Tip #1: Stop buying plastic water bottles

First of all, hopefully you know about plastic water bottles being chock full of phthalates. Phthalates are known endocrine disrupters meaning the chemicals disrupts normal hormonal balance. Pregnant women, children and those with other sketchy health issues such as endometriosis are especially vulnerable according to the research. Lucky us! 

Further, a 2021 study of compiled literature exposed the statistically significant link between phthalates and endometriosis by finding a statistically significant link between high urinary levels of these phthalates (BBP, DEHP, DnBP, and MEHP) and endometriosis. Here’s another study from 2020 exposing the connection between phthalates and endometriosis. Maybe it’s time you start using non-plastic water bottles! When plastic is heated, such as in a dishwasher, it will release toxins forever. When plastic water bottles are stuck in the sun on a pallet, they heat up releasing phthalates.

I wrote a whole post about how to find the best non-toxic water bottles and recommendations for clean sources of water containers you may be interested in.

If you currently buy bottled water and drink it on the way out of the house, consider making a change starting today!

toxin free living

Toxin Free Living Tip #2: Stop buying candles and air freshener

While not all candles and air fresheners are made equally, many are full of toxins that cause as much harm as traffic pollution! Most candles are considered to be volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can have adverse effects on the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems. In a study where mice were in stressful situation, they were given candle smoke to breath and not only did their stress levels not decrease, it increased along with lung and heart inflammation.

Studies show that burning candles do not reduce stress, and can hinder air quality and cause inflammation and illness. Save the candles for emergencies and don’t use them unless you absolutely need them for light.

Toxin Free Living Tip #3: Turn off wifi and leave your cell phone in another room at night

toxin free living cell tower and emf

Toxin free living doesn’t always just pertain to material goods, it can pertain to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) as well. Do you leave your wifi on at night? Do you place your cell phone next to your bed at night and use it as your morning alarm?

Research shows the harm that proximity and duration of EMFs can cause on the human body. One study called wifi a threat to human health. That study found that repeat overexposure to wifi can cause oxidative stress, damage to sperm, endocrine changes and calcium overload. Furthermore, wifi has been known to cause amalgam fillings to release mercury. If you have mercury fillings or any heavy metals stored within your body’s tissue, wifi can continually release these toxins and cause you harm.

It might be worth considering placing a limit to your exposure to wifi and other emf frequencies. Leave your cell phone outside of your bedroom at night if at all possible.

Toxin Free Living Tip #4: Eliminate microwave usage

Similar to tip #3, this tip will help to eliminate EMF and toxic radiation. It’s been found that long-term exposure to microwave radiation can contribute to cancer growth and stressed out cells in the body. Well, it also looks like a more recent 2022 study found that microwave radiation can cause learning and memory inhibitions on top of brain degeneration.

Don’t let the microwave take away your brain power!

While it might take some getting used to, using a toaster oven and stove top are much better for toxin free living than microwaves. One less appliance to maintain and dust, right? 😉

Toxin Free Living Tip #5: Dust and vacuum weekly

Dust contains allergens, bacteria, odors and other microbes that when found in large amounts can contribute to allergies, and other health issues. By dusting and vacuuming weekly, you reduce the load that contributes to contaminated air, dirt and grime that can build up and create a cleaner environment.

Vacuuming has been found to adequately contain these microbes. Vacuuming is an activity that doesn’t take very long.

It’s best to vacuum first, shake our your curtains (or use the dryer), and then dust up the rest.

Don’t forget to dust places like your ceiling fan, floor boards, along with tabletops.

Toxin Free Living Tip #6: Keep clutter to a minimum

One of the main reasons to keep clutter to a minimum to maintain toxin free living is to help reduce dust. The more clutter you have undoubtedly the more dust that is accumulating and the harder it is to keep the space clean.

Clutter long term can also house insects and contribute to mold problems especially in humid environments or in basements. These can further limit the clean air or cleanliness of an environment.

Keeping on top of your mess will help you attain toxin free living.

toxin free living - shoe cubby

Toxin Free Living Tip #7: Remove shoes when entering your home

Never underestimate where your shoes have been and the germs they contain. Have you used a public restroom lately or gone grocery shopping? Did you walk down the street recently or walk through geese trails at a local park? If so, your shoes contain a multitude of toxins. Don’t track them inside your home.

Here’s why.

Staff in operating rooms wear shoe covers because they are known to contain less contaminants than uncovered shoes. This is important in an operation room where cleanliness is very important during surgery. Veterinary staff are the most likely to walk in bacteria such as clostridioides difficile spores (aka c-dif, a very resistant bacteria than can cause horrendous diarrheas). But if you have pets or walk in areas where there is a lot of wildlife, how different would your shoes be?

A good practice is to leave your shoes at the door when you enter your home. Otherwise you may be leaving a trail of bacteria and nasty germs throughout your home unwittingly.

Toxin Free Living Tip #8: Open windows when possible

Fresh air trumps stagnant air. I don’t think this one needs a lot of explaining, though I’ll share a few thoughts. Even if you live in the city where pollution is notably worse than in rural locations, the air contains more fresh oxygen than your apartment or house. The circulation can help pass toxins through your home.

This can be especially important when you have off-gassing. Off-gassing can occur when you buy new furniture, paint or finish a wood floor. These toxic VOC can build up and fresh air can help relieve some of the trapped odor and toxic fumes.

Toxin Free Living Tip #9: Keep plants around the house

Plants are an amazing aesthetic for your home but they have many purposes including helping you with toxin free living. Plants will remove toxins and carbon dioxide from the air and emit oxygen. You benefit from the filtered oxygen they emit and they benefit from the carbon dioxide you emit. Humans and plants are companions after all.

Plants greatly benefit from air flow. It helps for several reasons, one being they don’t do great without new sources of oxygen and another being it helps to reduce damp conditions leading to mold and mildew buildup. Just another reason why to let some air into your abode when you open your window.

Toxin Free Living Tip #10: Don’t take the receipt paper (with bare hands)

Receipt paper might help you keep track of your budget but it also contains a powerful chemical known as bisphenol A (BPA) which can leach into your body through your skin and take up residence for the rest of your life.

BPA is a known endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC) than can harm your hormone balance and disrupt a normal period as well as cause a plethora of other physical ills. I talk about EDCs in other posts and it’s not something you want around especially if you want your body to heal.

Don’t touch the receipt paper or wear gloves when out shopping.


There are a lot of free ways to establish toxin free living in your home and I’ve found many of these to be really easy to do. Overall these tips are meant to help you focus on what is the most important priority in your life and try and attain that. You may want to start small and open the windows in the morning to let in some fresh air before you start your workday. You may begin to part ways with some appliances or household items such as old candles, or store them for emergencies rather than use them on a daily basis.

The choice is yours and you can begin today.

If you’re looking for more ways to live toxic free, check out my post 10 Tips for Toxic Free Living.

Living toxin free? I’d love to hear how you got started! Share in the comments section below!

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