Vision Board Ideas 2023 to Easily Reach Your Life Goals

vision board ideas 2023

Need some vision board ideas 2023? It only take a few simple steps to make a vision board, but did you know that there is more than one type of vision board and that there are tools you might want to know about which will only help you reach your life goals? If you’re new to vision boarding, welcome! If you’re more seasoned, it won’t hurt to scroll and see if there’s anything you can do to become more effective at vision boarding.

vision board ideas 2023

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When I first started to make vision boards, I was struck by the quote in the bible “without a vision, the people perish” from Proverbs 29. Now, I am certainly not the first person to hear this quote; I know that because I once listened to a Christian YouTuber remark that this quote helped her get going on having a vision for her life.

I found that so beautiful and encouraging.

We are meant to have dreams and some moderate ambition in our lives. It’s how we were wired at birth.

When we listen to that small quiet whisper, what do we hear? Are we listening?

A vision board helps you cut through the noise and visualize that which is most important and dear to you.

What is a Vision Board?

So, what is a vision board? A vision board is a collection of images that stand for something that is important for you to have in your life. It’s usually a grouping of intentionally chosen images that may represent what you want more of in your life. Think of it as a visual goals list.

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vision board ideas 2023

The Top Benefits of Having a Vision Board

There are many benefits of having a vision board as opposed to not having a vision board. Here are some 2023 vision board goals that you might not have even thought of as important, but they are:

Helps you Stay Focused: By having a visual reminder of something important to you you tell your brain that’s it’s important. Having a vision board in a location where you can look at the images daily is the best.

Prioritization: By picking the images in the first place, you prioritize what is truly important to you right now. Not a year ago or what your fantasy self think you should prioritize. This action is powerful for goal setting.

Visual Learning Method: Remember back in school you learned about the different ways to learn? Even if you write out your goals (and you should, because research shows this helps the brain process your goals and accomplish way more than people who don’t write out their goals) there is something helpful about also seeing your goals in image form.

Sense of importance: When you create a vision board and hang it up, you are elevating that image above others. Where something else could go, you show that these images are important to you. Your brain begins to make connections in your subconscious. You may make micro decisions in honor of your vision board images. (Check out the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell if you don’t know about the power of micro impressions).

Creative Process: Have you ever wandered through a bookstore and found some amazing books that you didn’t even know you were interested in before? This meandering and unstructured thinking can actually evoke different sides of your personality or interests you weren’t actively aware of before. The same goes with creating a vision board. You peruse images, you feel out what makes the most sense, and pretty soon you have some incredibly meaningful images as your guide.

Feel the Zing: Big Marie Kondo fan over here, and there is something to listening to that still small voice that responds with a ‘yes’ about something. You help to exercise your decision making ability when you create a vision board, and continue to hone into your voice, your aesthetic and what makes you you. In other words, you get to know yourself better over time and build self-trust into your every day decision making process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of vision boards?

You could use actual magazines cut out images; you could use pictures from programs like a 2023 vision board pinterest or Canva and print out what speaks to you or make a vision board in Pinterest; you could take photographs and do some wall art using the photographs you took.

You could also make a journal vision board. I did this a lot in college. Basically, I took a drawing pad with spiral binding and made a collage on the cover and throughout the journal. Anytime I saw a picture that inspired me, it went into my vision board journal. It was a really fun way to journal.

Really, there are more than three types of vision boards. Choose which medium works best for you.

I personally like having my vision board above my at home work space so I can see it on a regular basis. Some people like having theirs in their bedroom.

vision board ideas 2023
On a whim – my spring inspired vision board

What are some ideas for a vision board?

There are a variety of vision boards to start with. Here is a list to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A yearly vision board with specific goals you want to achieve in image form
  • Instead of starting with goals that you find images for, you can start by finding images that really speak to you and focus on what you want to accomplish as a result.
  • A vision board for a very specific goal, such as health, work focused, or family related.
  • I created a vision board for my year and also for my refrigerator! The one for my fridge basically included images that spoke to me at a particular sitting. Turns out, my subconscious is ready for spring! (Full of spring flowers)
vision board ideas 2023
materials for making a vision board

Vision board supplies?

This brings me to another aspect of making a vision board: supplies. Here is a simple list to keep in mind regarding what materials you may need to make a vision board:

  • magazines
  • word art
  • glue or glue stick
  • stiff paper or cardboard
  • bulletin board
  • bulletin board pins
  • scissors
  • Pinterest board / internet

What is a vision board for the new year?

A vision board for the new year is one that you include images of what you most want to include in your year. Perhaps this includes a hodgepodge of images related to work and career goals, family goals, financial milestones, creative projects, spiritual or religious intentions, etc.

In my yearly vision board, I include an image for each of the 8 most important areas of my life. You can read more about this in my post about How to Create an Ordered Life and download your free printable flywheel where you do an inventory on each area of your life.

By taking such an approach, I maintain balance and objectivity into how I want to allocate my time, resources and motivation to achieve a certain balance just for me.

What should I put on my 2023 vision board?

I covered this in the above answer, but the sky is the limit. You can always start over after you make your first vision board. Remember, if you have goals or plans for your life, you could start with the end in mind and find photos that resonate with your goals.

Your 2023 vision board aesthetic is completely up to you. Discover your design aesthetic by browsing through Pinterest (I have a board dedicated to vision boards on the A Pain in the Endo Pinterest site) or by doing. You may also want this: 2023 vision board words, featuring quotes and word art.

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When Should I Create My Vision Board?

Anytime is a good time to create a vision board, but many people choose to make one in January or February. The reason being that it’s the start of a new year and there’s something about having dreams and plans that you can think about in the wintertime. (Granted, not everyone has four seasons, but winter is a great time because you’re inside often).

I also find that transitions are good time to make a vision board. If a big part of your life recently came to a close, such as you graduated, started a new job or are in a job search, moved or will be moving soon, you can capitalize on all of these changes and find stability in future plans. These will help you get through your transition with more ease and less stress.

If you’re in the middle of a health crisis, having a vision board remind you of your goals and why you are making lifestyle changes will help you stay motivated and not get depressed. (Too much, hopefully).

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Choosing Your Goals and 2023 Vision Board Ideas

There are so many different goals to choose from, and this is a very personalized process. It’s just for you and your dreams, so don’t be shy!

You can look into several of my prior posts on how to go about picking a 5 day challenge, a 30 day challenge, and a year long challenge for example. Look into all of the posts (linked in orange) and you will find so many ideas to help you choose goals for your vision board ideas 2023.

If you’re stuck, be sure to check out this free resource and read the related post How to Bring Order to Your Life in 9 Ways ==> ==> The 9 Powerful Keys to Unlocking an Ordered Life.

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How-To Create a Vision Board: Step by Step

Here’s how to create your vision board, your vision board ideas 2023:

Step 1: Pick Your Medium.

Will you be using Pinterest to create a vision board by topic? Will you be using magazines to help you find images that resonate with you? Will you use the internet or a service such as Canva to find free images that match what your goals are? Pick your medium.

Step 2: Use Theme Buckets

I find it incredibly helpful to use theme buckets for my vision board. For example, I choose a theme such as family, and find images that resonate with family goals I envision in the year ahead. Another theme bucket might be creativity. You could find an image that inspires you to create, to learn a skill or to act more creative in your daily life.

Step 3: Create an Image Block for Each Theme Bucket – or- Create a Space for Every Unique Dream

I like to organize my images by theme bucket. My family theme bucket has several images all in the same space.

If you have random pictures all over the place, you may not remember what those are supposed to represent.

Step 4: Hang Up Your Vision Board or Bookmark It

Choose a special place for your vision board to go, where you will see it daily and where you can have time to study the images and think about them.

If you created an online board, make sure to bookmark the page, make it your homepage, make it your desktop image, or something similar.

Step 5: Create a Routine to Think About Your Vision Board

It’s going to be pretty useless if your board is forgotten about in a few weeks. Make sure you get in a habit of looking at your images daily if possible. Make the images a part of your life. Look at them in the morning and before you go to bed. Think about how you are going to reach these goals? Do you need a plan? Do you trust that God will bring these dreams to fruition? Periodically monitor how close you are to these images. Can you take any steps today which will get you closer to your goals?


Have you made a vision board lately? Which process did you follow? What kind of vision board did you create? How often do you look at it? Comment and share!

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  1. Old cards and calendar images also work great too. I like to make a few different vision boards: whatever speaks to me at that moment; then later, themed boards like ‘creative projects,’ ‘studio spaces,’ and certain living spaces in my home and garden. Those are the themes I return to over and over.

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